“Pain Addict is an intense, angry, "in your face"(musically & lyrically) type of band that gives 110% every time they hit the stage. Before I saw them I heard a few things about them and wasn't sure what to think. After witnessing them "Live" I decided they are definitely a band that is going to establish themselves on the music scene for years to come. Pain Addict will certainly entertain & captivate you but, not only are they doing it for the fans they are doing it for themselves also. They need to purge themselves of the anger and frustration they feel within themselves and toward society. With songs like "Out For Blood" & "I'm Agony" the primary & essential elements of Punk are there, but when I listen to songs like "Savages"& "Freezers in the Morgue" I hear a heavier edge to their music which only tells me that they are a deeper more complex and ultimately, a very talented band. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to see Pain Addict.”

Jonathan Wright - Punk Rocker Reviews