A Nice Vibe / Press

“Definitely for lovers!”

kayleeusa, United States - Jango

“I just purchased your CD and SO love it. It is such great snugglin' music. Thank you ! ! !”

Connie, United States - Email

“So sweet ... the songs are beautiful!”

Marija, Serbia - Facebook

“Golden voice ...”

dav4gat2007, London - Jango

“A Nice Vibe has attracted more than 750,000 fans worldwide on Facebook!”

“A Nice Vibe is #1 on the San Francisco Pop Chart!”


“I listened to 'One More Time'... I couldn't finish it, I was tearing up. So pretty!”

violetthefairy, United States - Jango

“OMG! This song is bringing me to tears ... it's sad, but beautiful.”

wisdom912, England - Jango

“'One More Time' is very nice. I have family in the military and can relate ... I'm crying now!”

judiblue13, Pennsylvania - Jango

“I am going to cry because I'm remembering someone during your song ...”

Ryoko, Philippines - ReverbNation

“'Never Let Her Go' ... the vocalist is magnetic singing this song. And the music sends lovely chills through my soul ... ooh ooh ... it's drawn tender tears down my face.”

Oops, United States - Jango

“Your song really did move me ... I can feel every word, it penetrates the listener that's why it's a remarkable song!”

francisbejerano, Philippines - Jango

“Voice right on pitch and nice variety of instruments. The backup, lyrics are direct and personal!”

mihrant, New York - Jango

“Great voice, nice piano, great lyrics, very evocative melody line. Happy to discover your music!”

babyart2000, United States - Jango

“You have a really wonderful sound, nice tone of voice and good instrumentation :)”

eleishasalmon, Canada - Jango

“Lyrics are beautiful ... sensational love songs!”

Somendramohan, India - Facebook

“Your song reminds me of great moments of my life and it makes me think about deep memories of my life ...”

Jen, India - Facebook

“Your music is very soothing, gentle and at the same time, there's a lot of passion injected - a great recipe with the right ingredients for many people. The title of your group is very fitting!”

Suzie Bibbey, England - Jango

“Your lyrics are tempting, smooth, lively ... the rhythm is relaxing, it's like floating in the clouds!”

Evelyn, Philippines - Facebook

“Elegant, soft and relaxing music ...”

Neha, India - Facebook

“Wonderful songs ... Heart touching ... Those in love and those not in love will love it!”

Amruta, India - Facebook

“You create melodies that iron a weary or distressed spirit and brings it back to a place called "Heaven In Your Arms " ... Your songs are an enigmatic messenger of heartwarming emotions of love, a confirmation of life's gifts ... I'm under their spell.”

Dusty Tail, Philippines - Jango

“I love this music, it's just made for me. I love you.”

Genesis, Malaysia - Jango

“I love ur pure style of music :) very easy to listen to!”

wickedvsweet, Canada - Jango

“Fantastic! So chilled and the songs are so emotional and meaningful ...”

smiggy doo, England - Jango

“Great melodies! I love it!”

teastal, Texas - Jango

“I love A Nice Vibe!! Their voices blend nicely and their music makes me feel happy!”

gaines, India - Jango

“I really like these songs. Reminds me of my childhood, the old past and happy times ...”

kbijba, Congo - Jango

“A Nice Vibe songs remind me of the good old days ... serenading under a girl's window.”

Ross, Philippines - Jango

“A Nice Vibe has more than 20,000 fans on Jango worldwide, the world's largest Internet radio station!”

“One More Time is a fantastic song! I have played this song over and over and can't get enough of it, where can i buy this recording? Keep up the good work, three thumbs up!”

Brad, Alabama - Jango

“One More Time is the most beautiful song I've ever heard!”

lnk3, United States - Jango

“One More Time is the most beautiful song I have ever heard and I can't seem to get enough of it. Great! job.:)”

Cole, Canada - Jango

“I loved 'One more time'... what a beautiful song!! ”

rdjteague, United Kingdom - Jango

“'One More Time' is very angelical and can be a make up song ... especially for our troops!!!!”

Ms. Kesha, New Jersey - Jango

“Your song One More Time hits home. It's amazing! Keep up the good work!”

Saintdorkus, Arizona - Jango

“'Heaven In My Arms' is a very handsome composition ... the lyrics filled with tender endearment and the music is splendid. A hypnotic, magical and romantic composition.”

Oops, United States - Jango

“I love 'Heaven in My Arms' ... sounds like Heaven in my ears!”

Sandy, Nebraska - Jango

“'Heaven In My Arms," is absolutely erotic with no doubt and is very beautiful!”

Sereena, Mexico - Jango

“I just heard your song "I Love You"... Very beautiful and touching song! Just WOW... Greetings from Germany!”

chakuza1984, Germany - Jango

“My favourite song is 'Somewhere In The Night' ... I love listening to it all the time!”

dianayoung, Union St. Vincent - Jango

“You have a beautiful voice!”

gtinnesha, Trinidad - Jango

“Nice tracks, love your voice clarity!”

danielfernandes51, India - Jango

“Love the pureness of your voice plus excellent beat!”

m.alexalbert, Sweden - Jango

“I officially love this song and it's the first time I ever heard it!”

flyingapple72, North Carolina - Jango

“This song is great. I think it is my new favorite song now!”

Ghostsquid, Colorado - Jango

“Last.fm worldwide listeners have recommended A Nice Vibe to their friends more than a 1,000 times this month!”

“Love it, everytime i hear u, i feel so much love again ...”

goldngab, Philippines - Jango

“Nice vibe! It was what I felt when heard you!”

seguin75, Brazil - Jango

“I LOVE all your music! You should get your stuff to Delilah. The radio host who is like the queen of playing love music. Seriously....keep it up.”

alexis.braddy, United States - Jango

“Sounds like the singers from the group Air Supply! Excellent voice! Surprised I have not heard him on the radio yet!”

Groffeaston, Pennsylvania - Jango

“Wow, love it! "One More Time" reminds me of the band Air Supply, keep it up!”

Patrick, Ireland - Jango

“Very soothing songs; love the piano; almost sounds like Christopher Cross.”

susantx62, Texas - Jango

“A Nice Vibe is #1 on the San Francisco Pop Chart!”

“I like the melody, the accompaniment, and the interpretation of the song.”

Elm, Philippines - Jango

“So... beautiful, perfect!!”

Zonia, Mexico - Jango

“Awesome songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

sharifahratnadewi, Malaysia - Jango

“Very Enhancing and Relaxing Music!”

odnam, Philippines - Jango

“Amazing music! I love it its adorable! You guys are on your way to great fame! Good luck!”

lauravi02, Arizona - Jango

“Very nice. You'll make it.”

Troy, Washington - Jango

“Beautiful, I like the piano / keyboard playing. Sweet and heartfelt caring words. Keep up the good work.”

cymn65, California - Jango

“You are AWESOME!!!! You are the best!!! Your song reaches DEEP DEEP DOWN in my soul!!!! I LOVE One More Time!!! :D”

try emo love, Ghana - Jango

“I really like it ... the singing is wonderful, and the the music is great, very meaningful.”

bungay_hilary, Canada - Jango

“Your music is brilliant! It's beautiful to listen to!”

ameec1, Australia - Jango