“I look up to see two members of Rockstarr Bentley approaching my table from the other end of Word of Mouth’s patio — right on time for our interview. They are suited in full stage attire, guitarist Rocky Bentley in tight leather pants, sparkly shirt, furry top hat, and 4-inch KISS-style shit-kickers, trailed by DeeJay Imminent sporting a Legion of Doom get up with spray-painted shoulder pads, fake chains and a black boa. An older couple at the table next to us aren’t quite sure what to think.(more)”

“BENTLEY ALIENS Amid a lengthy alien-themed bio, Sarasota's Rockstarr Bentley, a re-configuration of the former Signal One band, claims total amnesia, among other outlandish stories. Bearing more than passing resemblance -- in full-scale regalia and, somewhat, audibly -- to Parliament Funkadelic (even with frontgal Jennifer "Lady J" Sabin), RB's kooky concept is, thankfully, augmented by engaging dance music. Other members include guitarist/vocalist Rocky Bentley, drummer Michael Kiss and DJ Imminent. Its "Landing Party" is 7 p.m. Dec. 5 at Payne Park Auditorium featuring a fashion show, live screen-printing, muralist Cheetah and CL's "Best Local DeeJay" Shock to the System. Portions of the $10/$15 tickets go to Suncoast Charities for Children.”