Capeesh / Press

“Rapper Capeesh performs at the Coliseum during the Millennium Music Conference 16.”

“Capeesh drop's his second mixtape in 6 months and debut's "The Press Conference" Check out this up and coming artist and watch him as he makes his way into Hip Hop”

“Capeesh & J-Hunta release their sophomore mixtape within 6 months of their first! 18 full length tracks! Industry and Original Instrumentals. Stay tuned for "Huntin' Season" and "The Confiscation"”

“Capeesh's sophomore mixtape made headlines and the featured section on HBG HIP HOP! New Featured video: Capeesh - Burn Slow”

“DatPiff Present's: The Conference Room”

“The Holy Grail of Mixtapes & New Hip Hop Videos. That Crack mixtapes, new 2010 mixtapes and mixtape downloads from the best mixtape DJs in the world. Hot new Hip Hop Videos Present's: The Conference Room”

“Sorry for the holdup my hood people!!!! The Regionals is finally back on!!!! My man DUB from Newark came thru and gave Capeesh a piece of his mind! Capeesh said he got PA on his back so let's just let the poll decide!!!! Vote damnit!!!! The Regionals is still on yall!!! Newark vs. PA!!!! Capeesh is still holding it down!!! My man DUB said he's shutting Capeesh down this round!!!! Let's see who takes it!!! DUB: 31% Capeesh: 69% (Winner)”

“It's not over yall, the Regionals have officially started!!! Capeesh is defending his crown against Hood Radio's new artist, Inertia!!! Houston vs. PA!!!! It's Hood Radio....Vote damnit!!!! Be sure to donate to the hood radio starving artists fund to support Hood Radio Artists. All we need is one dollar!!!! The Regionals Yall!!! Houston vs. PA!!!! Hood Radio's new artist Inertia vs. The Finals Winner: Capeesh!!! Vote Damnit!!!! The Regionals is a whole nother animal my dudes, let's get it!!!!! We got labels watching!!!! Get at me!!!!!...... Slum/Program Director”

“The Finals Baby!!!!! Finally!!!! Risk, Capeesh, and Phase Fidel (Stand in for Reef Mills) Go for the grand prize!!! Keep it Hood!!!!! Reef Mills was a no show so it's Risk, Capeesh, and Phase Fidel for the crown once and for all!!!! It's finally come down to this!!!! Let's get it poppin!!!! Vote damnit!!!! The winner is going on a national tour and getting a free wardrobe, compliments of Hood Radio!!!! It's not a game people!!!! We got the labels watching!!!! Get at me!!!!....... Slum/Program Director”

“Aight my hood people, we back to it!!! Last round!!! Whoever wins this will compete with our finalist Risk and Reef Mills for The Crown. Sorry for the delay!!!!! Let's Get It!!! Swamp, J-Dub, and Capeesh went hard, so vote damnit!!!”