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“It’s an album that has many shades of jazz on display, and the constant is the pure, malleable trumpet voice of Jones. So I had to nod in agreement when I read Jones’ words in the sleeve: “There is a…applicable understanding of the word which is ‘to turn our focus in various directions without losing our original position’.” Though his first record as a leader, there’s nothing green about it: Jones produced and wrote all the thirteen tracks on it. Using a capable crew for a classic jazz quintet setting and supplementing it with some well placed guest spots by others, Jones “pivots” seamlessly through the Afro-Latin energy of “The Jug-Or-Knot”, the genteel 60s Blue Note vibe of “Inner Tubes,” the complex, shifty rhythms of “Dizzyspell,” and funky soul strut of “Funkytown Shuffle.” ...The Atlanta-based Jones has performed and taught the world over, playing all over the musical map, too. Pivot is the distillation of a musician’s varied and rich experi”

“Melvin Jones offers a variety of musical styles on Pivot, with a selection of modern romp and simmering ballads on this very impressive debut as a leader. For the trumpeter, "pivot" is the defining moment—indeed the turning point—in which different genres come together in one special album. For this session, Jones chooses a core quintet of players, employing five others as special guests, firing on all cylinders and producing an amazing ensemble sound. Employing a warm and round sound across the full range of the instrument, Melvin Jones stylish approach draws comparison to some great trumpeters like Clifford Brown and Lee Morgan. Pivot is a remarkably well-done musical project full of powerful moments sure to shine the light on Jones as a musician and leader.”

“Melvin Jones – PIVOT: Brass is always invigorating in jazz, and Melvin’s prowess as a horn-man is right up there at the top, no doubt! Though the players he has with him are new to my ears (Marlon Patton’s drums, Mace Hibbard on woodwinds, Louis Heriveaux’s piano and Craig Shaw on bass), this CD is among the best debut albums I’ve heard (yet) in 2011. Listen to the splendid energy on “Angels” to hear just how tight they are together… nearly seamless! The totally upbeat “Inception” is truly a jazz standout, waiting to be nominated for “hall of fame” somewhere – you’ll find yourself spinning this one over & over again (as I did), I’ve no doubt. The tastiest morsel on the CD (for my ears, anyway) was th’ groovin’ “Philly Time Zone“… this tune is packed with raw energy in a most urban mood. I give Melvin & krew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97.”

“Melvin Jones' "Pivot" Opens and Clear Path To The #1 Top Jazz Adds Chart at CMJ His First Week in Promotions!!”

“Jones is one of those trumpet playing MVP s that's in the background of everything and is finally getting the chance to step out on his own. A great throwback to 60s and 70s jazz/funk, this high octane set is a wonderful way for a deserving player that's paid his dues to grab the spotlight. Energetic in all the best funky, Bluenote old school ways, Jones shows that he's much more than a key player in the grand scheme. Tasty stuff that hits all the right notes in first class form. Check it out.”

“This is a terrific album, where has this cat been all my life? ”

Terry MacDonald - WSCA Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Melvin is a new man on the jazz scene and he opens up this session blazing on "The Jug-or-Knot". He blows soul into his trumpet on "Angels" and several other tracks like "Funkytown Shuffle" that will expand his appeal to the contemporary crowd. Mace Hibbard (sax) is a part of the band and makes a strong contribution on the title track. "Inception" is a burner that is bursting with energy. The lineup changes throughout the set but remains a tight-knit unit. From bluesy ballads to Latin, Jones makes a strong opening statement.”

“This is an album that I’d call “pure pump”, because it is an album that pumps. Melvin Jones is a trumpeter who will, for all intents and purposes, smack the fuck out of anyone who cares to claim they can play better than him. In other words, he’ll play and he’ll compliment and jam, but he’s in for the kill, he is not pulling any shit for the sake of making you feel good because you’re a special guest.”

“Melvin Jones is the real deal. He has done his homework in studying and having a keen understanding of the greats while possessing his own soulful and personal sound.”

Marcus Printup - Trumpeter for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

“Melvin Jones is an exceptional talent on trumpet, it is indeed a pleasure to share the stage with such a consummate pro!”

Sonny Emory - Grammy-Winning Drummer and Bandleader

“Here she performs another oft-covered jazz classic Good Morning Heartache (originally sung by Billie Holiday, and I cannot help admiring how easily Tracy manages to make a very unique and personal interpretation of the song)....The musical atmoshphere of the song is utterly stylish, too, highlighted by Melvin Jones' superb trumpet soloing over the delicate piano based backdrop. Sheer class from the first second to the last.”

“I've always enjoyed playing with Melvin, and I've always admired his imagination. He displays a rare combination of supreme intelligence and great emotional feeling when it comes to executing his talents and when it comes to playing jazz. In my book, he is the best. I put Melvin beside the late Freddy Hubbard and the late Clifford Brown. He is the GREATEST!”

Ben Tucker - Legendary Bassist and Bandleader

“When internationally-renowned jazz musician Melvin Jones performs at the High Museum in Atlanta on Friday, July 16, he will bring a wealth of musical genres with him. The former band director of six years for Morehouse College, flows against the current in many ways”

“Melvin Jones is the essence of perfection. His sound is smooth polished and sophisticated. He is a great educator and shares his gifts freely with up and coming young artists. My musical experiences with him over the years has been nothing other than stellar and I anxiously look forwards to working with him in the future. Miles is looking up at him smiling.”

Bill Summers - Grammy-Winning Percussionist and Bandleader

“Melvin Jones is one of the finest trumpet players I know. His versatility, from soloing to lead trumpet, always makes him an in demand musician.”

Ralph Peterson - Legendary Drummer and Bandleader

“One of the most refreshing new voices on the scene! His music is right on time!”

“If you've tired of the routine weekend outings and are looking for a grown-and-sexy, culturally enriching date with your significant other, then you should opt for the Friday Jazz Series at Atlanta‘s High Museum. The High Museum is centrally located within the artistic, business and nightclub district of bustling Midtown Atlanta. And the Friday Jazz Series, featuring the likes of internationally renowned jazz artist Melvin Jones and others, offers a great night on the town.”