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“Steve Fesenmaier, former head of the West Virginia Library Commission Film Services says Mr. Dalporto is a many-talented artist, writing original songs for the just released audio book of “Miners March” along with publishing a very nice book that collects some of his poems and photographs. He loaned me a copy of his excellent paperback book, “It’s Still a Wonder Just Being Here” that includes poems written between 1981 to 1999. He took most of the photographs around his home in the upper Kanawha Valley between 1989 to 1999. All of the photos are beautiful, simple, and sincere. I particularly enjoyed the two color photographs of Smithers and Alloy. His poems are likewise beautiful, simple and sincere. Dalporto has traveled around the United States, living in Alaska, Nashville and other locations before returning home to Charlton Heights. He is active in the anti-MTR movement.”

“ “The Pearl” review by Ross Ballard II A piece that is at once both a song of defiance and tribute, T. Paige has found his voice. He reminds us that we cannot allow the continuation of the destruction of our beautiful pearl (WV) by out-of-state conglomerates. I think Pete Seeger would be very proud of the “passion to the people” spirit of “The Pearl”. “The Church Bells at Sago” Review by Ross Ballard II Here is the song that captures so much emotion, so much pain, and so much of the tragic story of what happened on that terrible day when 12 loving, hardworking miners were treated as “items” in a WV coal mine. That day the world got a glimpse of West Virginia’s epic fight against corporate greed.”

“John Lilly, editor of Goldenseal, a folklife magazine for West Virginia, says .... “I’ve listened to ‘Church Bells at Sago’ several times, and really enjoy it. I think T. Paige has captured the experience from the miners’ perspective in a very creative way. It turns into an uplifting song, despite the grim circumstances.” ”