The Old Dance School / Press

“Truly exciting, awe-inspiring music, from a band who can only be headed to the top floor. * * * * *”


“Timeless… Highly evocative… Indescribably beautiful.”

Mary Stokes - Bright Young Folk

“Classical quality, jazz imagination, folk sensibility, roots/rock energy... Masterful. * * * *”

The Scotsman

“Beautifully crafted… The music is magic in their hands. * * * * *”


“Hugely accomplished, inspired, intricate playing... Marks the beginning of a legacy to rival the Albions.”


“Wonderfully exciting and uplifting... constantly taking you in unexpected directions... One of the best folk acts around.”

Iain Hazlewood - Spiral Earth

“Really hits the mark… there's a genuine creative fizz to what the band do.”

Mike Harding - BBC Radio 2

“Unique, fresh, original, fertile genre crossing talent.”

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