Morning After Music / Press

“Raleigh based The Morning After is a hidden gem in the North Carolina music scene and the independent music scene as a whole. The band's newly released debut album, "Starless Nights" is proof of that. The band seamlessly mixed bluegrass, folk, blues and rock to make an album that's a solid, enjoyable experience from start to finish.”

“When the musicians of The Morning After first teamed up, their range of expertise made choosing just one style to focus on a difficult task. Ultimately, they figured it’s way more fun to share the love and throw out the rulebook. The resulting sound is a wild blend of rock, bluegrass, soul, jazz, funk, latin and beyond. They’re part acoustic revivalists, part showstoppers.”

“Raleigh, NC--One of the last local shows of last year, as well as one of the first of the new year took place at Raleigh’s Southland Ballroom. The Morning After rang in the New Year with a party to be topped by few. Dressed to the nines for the occasion, The Morning After took the stage and immediately dazzled the awaiting crowd. Ranging from downtown party goers, hippies, and a variety of local artists, the crowd itself was high on the new year and swinging to the raucous compilation of strings and drums. Playing some of their older favorites such as “Rest Tonight” and “De La Luz,” the soul fueled Latin hybrid ensemble reflected the spirit of the night perfectly. As 2011 came to a close, the band joined their fans for a champagne toast. Glasses hoisted high, Southland Ballroom staff, band members, and fans alike warmly welcomed 2012 with cheers, hugs, and more than a few hilarious awkward kisses.”