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"Deze eerste solo uitstap is voor 200% geslaagd, een welkome afwisseling in geluid" English Translation: "This first solo outing is 200% successful. Walter Parks as a troubadour and a rocker!"

“Walter Parks rips pages from an A list rappers note book of phrases in creating “So Bad So Good”. ... Talk of a night out dancing with a tempting seductress and breezing through the VIP line sets the scene, but the real story is a boiling hot tale of love that seems to glide as it smolders across a committed merging of lonesome guitar notes, heavy bottom beats and tonal jazz chords. Warning, the song stands as a spoiler for the self-titled Walter Parks release.Walter Parks use of guitar to create mood and textures is so present on the album you might tend to take his mastery for granted. He occupies a musical echoed territory that makes great use of soundscape like a Daniel Lanois album and production. Three instrumentals flavor the album, including the opener, which dials in the fact that Walter Parks is first and foremost a guitar man. His low register voice cracks in perfect counterpoint to the fluidity of his fret work.”

“In a sense you could say it took veteran musician Walter Park nearly 30 years to complete his first album. The seasoned performer -- who is also folk legend Richie Havens’ lead guitarist, half of the folk-acoustic duo The Nudes and singer-leader of the southern funk rock outfit Swamp Cabbage — released his solo debut just last year after more than two decades in music. A listen to Parks’ soulful Americana rock is to be immersed in warm guitar melodies, smoky vocals and troubadour narratives that gather strength with age.”

“Accompanying Havens was rhythm guitarist Walter Parks, an exceptionally talented musician who's been touring with him since 2001. Parks' tremolo jazz riffs, soaring slide guitar, and soulful voice were a perfect complement to Haven's own potent style. ”

Steven Siegel - Morning Call

“Walter Parks is a busy guy. When he’s not touring and playing guitar for Richie Havens’, he’s a member of Swamp Cabbage, a Southern-influenced trio [influenced by] Scott Joplin and Jerry Reed. He’s spent nearly a decade with both gigs and about three in the industry. So why after all this time has he finally decided to release a solo debut? It was time to get in the driver’s seat.”

“Jacksonville’s native son Walter Parks has played Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall, but he’s just as proud of his early stints at St. Augustine’s White Lion. Parks now lives in Savannah, Ga., having returned to the South after spending time in New York City, Nashville and France. You may have heard his bluesy take on the Northeast Florida sound with his band Swamp Cabbage, but he’s touring this time around in support of his first solo album, a moodier, more acoustic tale of the South. Drift caught up with Parks as he was traveling between Phoenix and Albuquerque, but he will be home for a show on Aug. 11 at Café 11, his first date in St. Augustine in over 20 years.”