My Aim Is True / Press

“With a lot of buzz already surrounding them, it’s not hard to see why when listening to A Spark, A Fire. Not only does it all sound very professional, the songs are just as catchy and fun as some of the bands leading this genre currently. You could compare My Aim Is True to the likes of All Time Low, Fireworks, or The Maine, and like these bands, My Aim Is True has the ability to mix punk, rock, and alternative in an enjoyable package. This five track EP brings to mind the early days of Count Your Blessings, so Maryland fans should definitely take a look at these guys. A Spark, A Fire is energetic punk/rock entertainment. It may not be the best out there, but it is certainly way ahead of the unsigned competition. My Aim Is True will find a label soon enough. Let’s just hope they don’t follow CYB to Standby. (NL)”

“If you want something guaranteed to make you move, look no further, since My Aim Is True does just that. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this five-piece pop-punk band seamlessly fuses catchy hooks with energetic gang vocals to get the whole room moving in no time (think Wonder Years meets Set Your Goals). Read on for a short Q&A with the guys and see what they have in store next. My Aim Is True is definitely a band you will not want to miss.”