Archbishops of Blount Street / Press

“Archbishops of Blount Street specialize in uplifting ska, eschewing melodic complexity in favor of smooth guitar and bass lines bolstered by fetching horns.”

Jordan Lawrence - Independent Weekly

“Ska is alive and well in the Triangle! ...If you needed a musical party to get the weekend started, this is the perfect solution. Ten musicians deliver Brass-Heavy versions of covers and other great material. You cannot go wrong with this. If you like The Bosstones, Pietasters or Spunge, this is the show for you!”

“Archbishops of Blount Street give the day a great reggae/ska flavor.”

The Chapel Hill News

“Archbishops of Blount Street are people with a drive for the music and party.”

The Durham Herald–Sun

“Archbishops of Blount Street pay tribute to two-tone trailblazing.”

The Independent Weekly

“This band is brass heavy and reminds me of a Cross between Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes and the Pietasters. Bottom line – these guys are amazing.”

Raleigh Public Record