Justin Langston / Press

“Justin Langston puts it all together with this collection of his early work. Definitely an artist that should be on your radar screen.”

Jordan Martin - Reverbnation

“Justin is a super talented player and writer I'm convinced we we will hear a lot from him in the future, much success to you Roget[less”

Roget - Reverbnation

“At a young age you shouldn't have this much talent. You blow me away everytime I listen to your songs. Another Reason is killer. Awesome vocals. I'm jealous! Keep them coming my friend, Tom”

Tom Mannion's Sick Guitar - Reverbnation

“Justin, wow, thanks for the friendship. You are a great talent there young man...awesome writen, structured, produced, sung, played, and mixed songs...keep writing and recording, each time you will learn more and get even better...look forward to hearing more and following your career..Kind Regards, Gary Dobbin”

Tank 7even - Reverbnation

“There is no music like that full of passion and truth. Very nice Justin! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.”

Bobby Kirl - Reverbnation


PROMIZE - Reverbnation

“Justin, Nice work and I am excited for what is to come for you!! You are so young and have an amazing gift. Much Love, Erika Leydig”

Erika Leydig - Reverbnation

“great music and style so many compliments and greetings from Italy”

Robi s.o. - Reverbnation

“Justin, You are truly blessed by God. Your music makes me smile as I am sure God is smiling too. Keep making us smile! xoxo Kyleigh”

Kyleigh Hill - Reverbnation

“It's great to see how talented you are, doing all the different parts your self and being so courageous at such a young age. We love your work! Much love, ARTISAM”

Artisam - Reverbnation

“Justin you are always an inspiration and an ambassador here at reverbnation keep it up brother your awsome ”

Six String Woody - Reverbnation

“Your a Top Star, dear friend, Justin, and most thoughtful gentleman and ambassador of music, number one is a great job description of your shining character,have a great show today as its is already the 16th here in foggy London town,just joking about the fog...: ) I will be at your gig in spirit,you will spot me, I will be the one clapping and cheering the loudest to be heard from England.blessings Starman, Peace, Love,Health, Sound, Song and Vision, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers - Reverbnation

“Cobos said that he hopes that Justin's first performance at T.J. Rabbit's is not his last. "I can't say enough about him to tell you the truth" he said. "He just got us all going". That kid is so talented to be 12 years old. "It amazed us all"”

Geoff Folsom - Odessa American

“So diversified is his talent...Truly, success is not far away....Pat B in NYC. ♪♪♪♪♪”

Pat Branch Songwriter - Reverbnation

“Just listening to "say yes", this new song is so gorgeous, with those sweet lyrics, and your smooth voice, whoever knew that the the word "no" could be sung so amazing, this is going to be a big hit on your new album.”

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“You've made a great name for yourself on Reverbnation, I wish you the same success in the wider musical world!”

Solar-Isis - Reverbnation

“With a National Promo Campaign backing him - there isn't a venue anywhere that Justin Langston couldn't fill. This is one incredibly talented singer/songwriter/performer !!! ”

Rick Fost - Reverbnation/US

“I just want to congratulate you on all your accomplishments ar such a young age, you are sooo talented, I can't help but see you at the top some day....I'll be watching...Your Friend...Ron.”

Ron Sillito - Reverbnation/Canada

“And on our pizza palace RN dial this morning we have a refreshing talent from Midland, Texas... Give it up for Justin Langston, and PLAY ALL. Play on good fellow - TPK [”

The Pizza Kings

“MIDLANDER WINS WEST TEXAS HAS GOT TALENT CONTEST. Justin Langston is guaranteed an audition with the producers of America's Got Talent in Houston in Feb”

KWES NEWSWEST 9 TV Midland/Odessa

“His music is great and as a person he's Awsome!!!!We love Justin”

Promize - Reverbnation


Nico Minescu - Reverbnation/Colibasi-Giurgiu,RO

“Love the Christmas song "all I want" and the vid, WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!OMG!!!! ;D /Jaki Song”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation Montreal, OC,CA

“YOUR (¯*๑۩۞۩ A░M░A░Z░İ░N░G░ ۩۞۩๑*¯) Much REspect MELODY”

Melody - Reverbnation