Greg Banks / Press

“Greg Banks is ill. The Louisiana-native hits us with his latest song entitled Soul, which is available though his bandcamp page. The cut is set to be released on his forthcoming A Gentleman’s Journal mixtape.”

“Greg Banks has a lot going on for himself. The New Orleans native is an actor, model, and --most importantly -- a very talented singer/songwriter.”

“His latest song entitled “Soul” is available as a free download and is taken from the forthcoming “A Gentleman’s Journal” mixtape and will have many ladies sighing in harmony I bet.”

"Soul" is beautifully crafted song with a classic neo-soul feel to it and a sensual vocal style.

“Neo-soul artist and Louisiana native, Greg Banks officially releases latest and highly anticipated single, “Soul”, from his forthcoming independent mixtape, A Gentleman’s Journal.”

“Crafted with classic neo-soul sounds and a sensual vocal style, Soul offers an authentic, passion-heavy masterpiece.”

“Lush, laid-back, and heartfelt, Soul will undoubtedly earn high praise from R&B-lovers who’ve been craving something that’s more than skin-deep.”

“If you’re into local teenage R&B diva Kourtney Heart, then you’re already a fan of Greg Banks. The 22-year-old songwriter penned three of the cuts on her 8-song 2010 indie debut,”

“Equipped with a soulful voice, serious writing skills and the resume to back it all up, Banks is clearly headed towards success. His lyrics are relatable and his hooks are catchy.”

"On the first song I heard from Greg Banks, “Goodbye Sex,”...His voice is so smooth, so silky. If I was a girl listening to this song, I would’ve gotten…well, aroused. (And, if I was a guy trying to “bed a woman,” this song could possibly do the trick)."