Aloha Tigers / Press

“The Aloha Tigers are Nick Aister and Michael Wharfield. Listening to their music is comparable to being immersed in a dream. That tends to make sense considering the duo lists “nightmares and fevers” as sources of inspiration on the Aloha Tigers Facebook page. Aister makes sounds. Wharfield makes sounds sound better. Regardless of the inspiration source, the public will get a chance to hear Aloha Tigers’ dream pop sound at 9 p.m. Saturday at Firehouse Pizza and Pub in Uptown Normal. Also performing that night are Teaadora and The Knitted Cap Club. Proceeds from the $5 admission benefit Music Is The Medicine. According to their website, “Music Is The Medicine Foundation is a national non-profit organization that was created to positively impact people’s lives through the healing power of music and our belief that music can inspire tangible change in the world.” ”

“Man, this song really blew me away today. As we’ve all (hopefully) been taking in the sunshine, I’ve been jamming to this number from Aloha Tigers. The band is a duo from Bloomington, Illinois, and I hope they get a chance to branch out. Their self-titled debut is remarkable, offering touches of dream-pop, but crafted so well that you won’t even care what they sound like; they’re just flat out great. Carefully sung vocals, emotionally appealing harmonies, and a quality of craftsmanship that allows you to float away in your own head. This is probably the best way to start out your Monday!”

“Nowadays I really don't have the free time that I once did, I used to pride myself on being ahead of the game when it came to being in the know about the 'next big thing' amongst the indie hipster kids. With most of my time being spent solely focusing on the Scottish music scene, I am now a bit lost to anything that doesn't hail from this wee nation of ours. Thankfully though I have a wealth of fellow music friends who are on hand to point me in the right direction as to things that they've been enjoying. Which in a round about explains why I am featuring a duo who hail from Bloomington, Illinois in the US of A. Having recently released their self titled debut album on the newly formed Scottish DIY label, Kirkcudbright Tape Club, I caught up with Nick and Mike from the band to talk about their new found love for Irn Bru and whether they have any idea as to how to pronounce Kirkcudbright... ”

“See, this neat little release marks the first activity by Kirkcudbright Tape Club, a micro concern by former ‘Have Fun At Dinner’ blogger and current Song, by Toad associate Ian Greenhill. And it’s a perfect fit. Greenhill’s old site had an unhealthy obsession with the dreamier side of indie pop, especially if it happened to be Swedish. Now, we’re not aware of any Scandanavian blood flitting round Aloha Tigers’ veins but if you close your eyes you might just find yourself imagining underrated lo-fi troupe the Radio Dept streaming laid back, melodic loveliness into your eyes. We’ll hear more about how this bizarre collaboration came about below, but let savour some bite size chunks from Aloha Tigers.”

“Michael Wharfield and Nick Aister creating songs whose tranquil dreamy sound makes even from hyperkinetic syndrom suffering persons like me calm and zen. Echoing spheric voices to which your mind collides during listening to some of their songs supporting this hypnotic effect and I would say, it is the perfect music for chill-outs and having maybe outdoor sex at a lake in a star-bright night. Whatever you imagine as pictures to their music, all what leaves is sparkling sound magic you cannot escape from.”

“Sub-genres can become quite tedious; in this case dream pop, with infinite repetition and interchangeable songs. Occasionally though, there comes a subtle musical genius that helps take a sub-genre to the next level. Or two laid-back music geniuses, Michael Wharfield and Nick Aister just won me over with their impeccable project, Aloha Tigers. Hailing from Bloomington, Illinois these two dudes are set to release their first full-length album soon, and they are giving away two B-side tracks that will surely make your end-of-the-Summer playlist. Aloha Tigers is all about haunting vocals, feather-weight melodies, assumed nostalgia, and a hint of humor, too (see “Nice White People”). God, I love dream-pop.”

“I first came across the Illnoise dream-pop duo Aloha Tigers whilst writing the The Line Of Best Fit 'Song of the Day' column. Every track I've been sent regarding the feature has been good, however I was completely blown away and pleasantly surprised when I first heard 'Oh, The Glory Of It All'. Thus began my excitement about this up and coming band. I've heard some new songs from their forthcoming album and this has only amplified my child-like and giddy excitement. I caught up with them to have a wee chat.”

“The vocals and melody capture a light and tranquil atmosphere, only in perfect balance with the weighted, painful, and mildly dark cynicism deciphered through careful attention to the lyrics.”

“Sometimes a song comes along that you just connect with instantly. A song that has a certain haunting quality that causes you to become completely immersed and wrapped up in it. ‘Oh, The Glory Of It All’ by Bloomington, Illinois based duo Aloha Tigers is one such song. ”