The Cubical / Press

“'If you like your rock'n'roll primal and pounding, and your vocals gritty and growly, then meet Liverpool's answer to the Magic Band'”

The Guardian

“'A trembling and yet raucous collection of songs... Think Tom Waits mixed with Detroit Cobras into the heady cocktail. Lovely stuff.' 4/5-”

Big Cheese

“'Out of tune guitars clang and the bass and drums shuffle just right enough to raise the ghost of Willie Dixon, track down Captain Beefheart circa Safe As Milk and have a chat with The La's. And the singers raspy vocal might just shatter your light bulbs' -”


“'An amalgamation of blues, soul, garage, free jazz and psychedelia... A truly wonderful album and a highlight of the year so far'”


““Mind-warpin’ mutated blues. Don’t let it pass you by.””


“'The key difference between The Cubical and the other thousand odd Beefheart / Waits acolytes, is that they actually pull off this primal, experimental form of rock 'n' roll with considerable poise' -”

Drowned in Sound

“ Bluesy, nasty, tribal, and completely refreshing. TOM WAITS better look over his shoulder......”


"Live they're just something else, a real-deal voodoo rock 'n' roll medicine show."


"Tracks like 'Woman, I Need Your Love So Bad' and 'Baby Don't Treat Me Bad' sound like they could eat the 22-20s for breakfast.’ Come Sing These Crippled Tunes' with them and, oh Lordy, you'll soon be a believer." 4/5

Whisperin' and Hollerin'

"The guitars, drums, harmonica and, especially, the dirty, grinding lead vocals and excellent harmonies all display an authenticity that other retro acts just cannot touch.

Culture Deluxe

““Ace bluestastic rock n roll with a great 60s garage vibe. Think Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with Captain Beefheart on vocal doing Seeds hits. Yep it's got that kinda righteous swagger! Very recommended.””

Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation

“One of the best albums I've heard this year, & the most impressive 1st album for me since the View a couple of years back.””


"Growling psyched out blues from this ace outfit from Liverpool which brings together a mighty fine line up of musicians, pouring some golden lush licks over a gravely helping of growl..Yep, this is a damn good album. "

Jumbo Records

““I am not going to beat around the bush here, The Cubical’s new album, ‘Come Sing These Crippled Tunes’ is nothing short of fantastic. From the first track right through to the last it never loses any of the excitement that the band seem to carry around with them in abundance."”

The Daily Scoundrel

““How Wilson is able to manipulate his half-enraged, half-deranged tone is what brings The Cubical’s debut, Come Sing These Crippled Tunes, to great heights.”

Obscure Sound

“'an intentionally rough and ready album' 4/5-”

Blues Matters

"Full of snotty bad attitude, Come Sing These Crippled Tunes evokes the era of the Troggs, Animals, Yardbirds, Pretty Things, 13th Floor Elevators and Seeds, recreating the vibe of the legendary Nuggets compilations for a new generation."

Bearded Magazine

“'Dirty, gritty, rock 'n' roll blues... I am sold. Pour me a whiskey and prop me against the bar' 11/13-”

Room Thirteen

"Wilson makes Waits sound like Tiny Tim"

The Guardian

“'an easy album to get into first time round, full of melodic songs with driving rhythms' 4/5-”

Music OMH

“'Impressive debut' 4/5”

Guitarist Magazine

“The rumble of Great White Lie is enough to make a listener fear divine retribution, hide the children and close the curtains.”

“Edward the Confessor-A freewheeling smoking renegade of sound thats both dirty n raw and primal n gritty as though from a 60’s freak beat scene,with latino twangs and snaking riffs this honey prowls like a would be pulp fiction soundtrack”