Aonia / Press

"One of the strongest sets in the [Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses] competition so far."

" The vocal range that these two have is phenomenal and they blow the place away with their incredible presence and crowd participation...fantastic fun to watch and some incredible talent."

"...Het moge duidelijk zijn dat het toch wel redelijk volle female fronted genre met dit Aonia weer een talentvolle band rijker is." Roughly... "The female fronted genre is another band richer with Aonia."

"Aonia from Northern England are, in every way, a big band. Flaunting their fourteen legs and four powerful lungs, this band boasts two flamboyant Grande Dames — Melissa and Joanne. The power and emotion delivered by those two ladies was amazing."

“Sincerely recommended for every listener who appreciates melody and perfection in music!”

"The technical capability of this band is awesome to watch and their on stage chemistry is enjoyable too. They are always smiling and rocking out and just having a good time, it’s contagious and almost impossible not to get sucked in. "

Mick Birchy - Get Your Rock Out

“The nice powerful guitar riffs contrast and complement the soaring vocals, and the final result is an excellent EP that’s definitely recommended for fans of female fronted metal, particularly those bands that use operatic vocals.”

“The collective experience of the band was apparent in thoughtful composition and arrangement.”

“The flawless interaction of two and at times even three voices throughout the “Sunchaser” is just one aspect of the proficiency in composition displayed on this record. There are some rather captivating soundscapes on “Echoes” and “Nightmares” that contest similar passages on the aforementioned albums by Nightwish.”

Metal Feed Machine

“This is a truly enjoyable slice of operatic/symphonic metal – highly recommended.”

“Their music has a directness to it which cuts through all the usual stuffiness you get when less well known bands try to do what the likes of Nightwish are masters at. Rather than copy, this Worksop based group have taken to building their own road.”

"The rhythms are punchy and bold and pursues an invigorating encounter with plenty of potently addictive hooks and sumptuous keyboard melodies. The vocals are completed to a high precision assault and very diverse, thrusting out a deep elegance and go all out to tempt and fuel the tracks with resounding urgency!”

“It’s a very accomplished piece of work, and there’s a great deal of technicality injected into the music. It’s also well produced, with no unnecessary trickery to try and enhance it. It sounds polished, but not overly so, and still manages to retain some edginess.”

"Another one for the 10 star collection, RQ approved metal delights!"

"Here we have five quality, epic and grandiose tracks of diverse female fronted Metal with the finest operatic vocals on offer. Highly Recommended .... 10/10"

"Aonia hail from Worksop in Nottinghamshire here in England and give the listener a feast of Melodic Metal, with a Symphonic undercurrent to satisfy the Female Fronted taste buds...8.5/10"

"This is a cracking little Ep by Aonia Melissa vocals are quite superb, The guitar work with the riffs and solos are outstanding. If they can keep this up I can see them going quite a long way it will be interesting to see what they can come up with in the future."

"...A terrific outcry of emphatic riffs and heavenly vocals. This is the 'beauty and the beast' scenario whereby the aurora of the Gothic Metal reaches that essential point whereby absolute bliss is maintained, henceforth Aonia may as well be England's answer to Sweden's Therion and Finland's Nightwish, but wherever this band end up, they have covered the land in a 'city of shadows'."

"When people form bands that span the colossus of both metal and classical then two things are needed more than anything else for it to not become an overblown mess: an ability to write and play to a level that will please the two most critical of fan groups is the first; having a singer with a voice to match - someone who can blend the operatic with the devil horns is the most tricky second.... ...Aonia seem to have ticked box number one by creating a sound with an almost Arthurian feel to it, a rocked up Clannad if you like....Then we come to box number two, the vocals, which - it has to be said - are mightily impressive. Melissa manages to combine a pure sopranic style in true Tarja fashion but also adds a little narrative flavour which reminds me just a bit of early Toyah."

Gary Trueman - Alternative Female Voice Magazine, Issue 3

"In summary, we have cool metal music, clean and operatic vocals, and songs that sound like metal songs rather than fluff. To steal a phrase from Kevin Smith, this sounds like a big bucket of win to me."

“Now operatic vocals on heavy metal are nothing new, but to hear them delivered with the sheer range and quality that vocalist Mel manages was something of a surprise.”

“Well, it was all there – dual guitars, Tony’s energetic Shrek impressions on the drums and Mel’s operatics... ...The band are getting tighter every time I see them and this time was no exception, all the favourites were there including City Of Shadows, Down The Rabbit Hole and one of my favourites, the nicely epic Liberate Mae as well as a few covers thrown in – Over The Hills And Far Away sounded as good as ever and a very brave choice of Tribute (Tenacious D) was a suprise choice!”

"Who needs Anette Olzen when you’ve got these guys picking up where Nightwish left off?...Definitely a band for more broadminded metalheads who appreciate style over substance"

"The EP demonstrates the talent of all the members of Aonia and could easily go toe-to-toe with any Epica or Within Temptation release... City of Shadows is a must-have for fans of Epica, Within Temptation and Xandria."

"Aonia came blasting in with their female fronted operatic metal, great vocals from the wonderful Mellisa Adams combined with a great collection of instruments."

"Aonia have thrown a thunderbolt to earth in the form of their EP of power-charged operatic metal...the soaring vocals of frontwoman Mel makes the band’s peaks seem as high as Zeus’ mountain...At times Aonia break into Iron Maiden-ish musical territory and its clear there is a lot of talent in its ranks"

"...we’ve never had a band like this on the site. The music is melodic, the vocals clean and crisp and the result is music which I think could potentially be pretty big. They can obviously play their instruments and write tracks which are a story rather than a couple of lines thrown together. I’ll be interested to hear what comes from these guys next as I reckon it could well get even better from here in."

"The music and vocals are totally unique..." "A good drummer like Tony...is able to play within the song and doesn't stand out.. and I imagine this is what Tony's like live ...also a good expressionist.."

Notty Nation Radio

"Taking their name from that endless creative juicer of ancient Greece, Midlands gang Aonia meld the crooning vocals of frontwoman Melissa with riffs that recall the likes of Priest, Iced Earth and Nightwish. Not a bad combo, really."

Terrorizer, Issue #213

“Traditional operatic power metal that pounds along quite nicely. Although Melissa can be described as operatic, I am also reminded at times of Siouxsie Sioux...and this adds a nice and slightly different feel to the vocals. 'Prophecy of the Fallen Kingdom' has a Tarja feel, and I would be interested to hear more from this band in due course... For fans of Tarja era Nightwish and the like, check the band out...8/10 (Dave)”

"It would be a mistake to describe Aonia as a band similar to Nightwish, as Aonia clearly have their own defined sound...With masterfully composed riffs and powerful vocals...for any fan of female-fronted metal. 5/5

"Standing out against a background of more traditional metal bands, they proved one of the highlights of the night, delivering a great performance that really got the crowd going."

Surface Unsigned - Surface Unsigned

"Female fronted Goth metallers Aonia kick off the festivities with memorable melodies and Wagnerian warbling aplenty."


"6 tracks of the finest Operatic Metal around"

"I must confess being somewhat befuddled by Aonia’s latest Facebook status, that of Unsigned. Either they are avoiding labels like the plague, or, like some, they don’t believe in labels – big or small. These upstarts should be signed in no time at all if that is their wish..."

"On par with the likes of Nightwish, Aonia’s City Of Shadows EP proves the professionalism of the unsigned band and why they should be up there with the likes of Nighwish – brilliantly put together music and vocals that stand out in the unsigned world of music."