Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band / Press

“Austin-based Andrea Marie and The Magnolia Band are headed to the oldest town in Texas on Aug. 27 for an evening show at LugNutz. The Daily Sentinel caught up with the band's leading lady, Andrea Marie Campise, to learn a little bit more about the band's Central Texas beginnings and their upcoming sophomore album, which is tentatively called "Dancing in the Rain."”

"She has a little Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks thing going on", "Her voice is very original, Quotes Stephanie Elmore, Spokes bar Manager..click on Url to see full article.

“The Magnolia flower is a multi-colored blossom that stems from a Magnolia tree. The very name of the flower suggests innocence and beauty; which are two aspects that are mirrored in Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band's music. ”

"To put, it in local terms, Andrea Marie and the Magnolia Band sound a bit like The Sidehill Gougers before they dropped the "Sidehill" and went electric. Sometimes. On other occasions, lead singer Andrea Marie Campise's sound is more of a jazzy version bf acoustic country, or laid .back electric."

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