“The best thing about this Battle of the Bands contest has been discovering that rock n' roll is alive and well out there! The young talent coming up is amazing and Dear Departed is one of those bands.”

“I just listened to a couple of your tracks and I am just floored!”

“Dear Departed is quickly becoming one of the ones to watch for in the midwest music scene.”

“Rock Gator Radio enjoys playing music from Dear Departed because you can feel the honest emotions throughout their music.”

James Cripps- Rock Gator Radio - Facebook.com

“DEAR DEPARTED has quickly established themselves as a powerhouse in the local rock scene. Their edgy melodic style is readily apparent in their expertly-constructed music. Everyone will find something to connect with in their music.”

“Come with us and support the best fucking local Wichita band Dear Departed. Havent heard of them? Check out their page! ”

Jaci Edwards - www.facebook.com

“It's amazing how quickly you guys put out consistently good shit.”

Brent Nelson - www.facebook.com

“Where the hell did you guys pop out of the woods at?”

The Breakpoint Method - www.facebook.com

“Dear departed rocked the house last night! Not only was the music awesome but the greatest group of guys to work with! The perfect music levels and right mix of vocals to instruments made for a bad ass concert!”

Greg Finley- Finns Lounge, ICT - www.facebook.com

“Make sure to come see these guys live!”

PigBob - www.baconrock.com