$3 Band / Press

"For those of us who love acoustic music, there are several tracks on this album that stand out. The first being “Gamble of Souls.” The combination of Adam’s wonderful voice, and the untraditional tuning that the band chose, creates a unique and amazing sound. He exhibits both great guitar composition and execution on this track. Accompaniments from Keith Van Winkle on the fiddle and Chris Carr on the flute, complete the track. The general folk nature behind the band comes through on most of their songs, including “Gamble of Souls.”... “Emmalene” is truly one of the more powerful songs on the album. I first heard this song during a solo, head-turning performance by Adam Braunschweig at a bar in New York, and the studio version sounds the same. In music today, it is common to hear a lot of changes in music once it hits the studios. 3 Dollar Band however, stays true to their sound."

"As the album bounces between Braunschweig’s earthy, Americana songwriting and his bandmates’ Irish impulses, the results are often spectacular. Flute and harmonica dance on “Ballad of the Millworker,” and the bodhran supplies a nice counter-rhythm to a banjo on “Leon’s Last Ride.” The closing track, “Spin Me Round,” is one of the few songs that could accommodate both Riverdance and the boot scootin’ boogie. Braunschweig is a fine folk songwriter – his song “Lull” won second place in American Songwriter’s lyric competition – but Van Winkle and Carr’s contributions really push the material beyond the folk/roots circuit."

"..a singer with guitar in hand that would give old Woody a run for his money in the "songs of woeful tales" department...accompanied at the microphones by the very talented Chris Carr on flute and bodhran and Keith Van Winkle on fiddle, flute, whistle, and percussion. The end result of this studio effort is a rich, textured and inviting trip through not only some lively traditional tunes but ballads the likes of which you'll be humming for days."

““Worth a lot more than 3 Dollars!” Rick Lawrence, KS March 19, 2010 First let me say that I have abosutely no personal connection to this band. I’ll be honest. I almost never get excited when I hear a new band these days, but I have to say that I was immediately captivated by their music and sound. The wide variety of insturments, coupled with their folksy rythme and singing, make this a band worth seeing and enjoying more than any I’ve heard in a while. Their’s is an act that should not be limited to St Patrick’s Day, or Irish venues. Their music fits well year round and would please a wide range of audiences. I can see them playing venues from Indie or franchise dives, to the Wakarusa and Winfield music festivals. Lawrence’s Jackpot or Replay Lounge, KC’s Record Bar, and the KCPL district would all do well to take note of these guys and book them. I definitely plan to see them again. Can’t wait for these guys to cut an album and I sure hope they keep playing togeth”