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“The opening track, "Life Swap," is surprisingly somber, featuring vocals that sound like they're floating deep into space and a crisp beat loaded with Purple Rain-era Linn drums. The music's maturity and catchiness might be surprising to some, but Dino's been making records for over 15 years now. "This album was made mainly with live instruments; guitars, bass guitar, my analogue synth, and tambourines and maracas -- the only thing sequenced were the rhythms. I recorded it at home, as usual," Dino explains. It sounds like Iggy Pop and Joy Division fighting their way out of Space Mountain. Download and listen to the track "Puppetry" to see what we mean. Despite its title, the album isn't harsh or intimidating. Live, Felipe is Miami's G.G. Allin. There's a sense he could injure a member of the crowd or himself at any moment. This record is far removed from that onstage persona. Here we find a sincere man and a collection of bittersweet songs overflowing with emotion. ”

“Thoughtful calm is the focus of Fantision, Felipe's latest album for Schematic, the Miami label that's supported much of his work since releasing his 2002 debut. Mixing prickly digital noise with acoustic guitar, soft percussion, and some sneaky vocals, Felipe constructs his pieces like jigsaw puzzles, avoiding set patterns and predictable shapes. Yet the sounds he shoots around the stereo space are mostly tempered and restrained, bearing an internal logic that strips them of novelty or shock value. This results in tracks that feel like songs despite rarely behaving that way. This creates an authoritative feel similar to how the best film directors leave traces of their aesthetic in every cut, pan, and fade to black. Dino Felipe is that kind of auteur, and Fantision looks and sounds like his best sonic movie so far.”

“Dino Felipe:I'm You (Schematic 2005): "Dino Felipe is the Charley Patton of electronica. If the Mississippi Delta blues never had a player with quite the same slip-and-slide frenzy as Patton, then Atlanta might never have a more half-crazed, dot-matrix funk-face than Felipe. Felipe's music has the soulful brokedown jams that stand to make him the seminal voice of our generation's economic collapse. Felipe's music is the glorious epitome of the home-made sound: anarchistically cluttered, cigarette-burned, and hyper from cheap coffee: every speck of lonely life digitized and made into a WAV file. Felipe can turn a gluttonous mess of industrial samples, Moog-noises, disco breaks, and satanic-style backmasking into a heroic tribute to modern life: our freeways, vacant lots, disposal bins full with discarded PC towers, stretch limos with teenagers inside, and lots of commercials-it's all there in Felipe's sound. "I'm You" is the honest truth. He turns our thoughts into sound."”

Asphodel - Dino Felipe -I'm You (Schematic)

"Dino Felipe:Personality Crisis!" Personality Crisis!...This illustrates pretty well what's going on here. The litlle big microsound master Dino Felipe,one of the problem child of the famous Schematic label,has made his first release on BedroomResearch with some tracks that are a bit like browsing Am radio in search of some underground rock,new-wave or experimental folk stations.8 rounds of square poppy beat s fighting against interferences on a surrealist battlefield,with entracts assured by some beautifull and immersive abstract melodies. In one word:FREESTYLE.For us it's one of Dino's best work but anyway you'll say we are not objective. So, go get it and make an idea by yourself! It's Free! And Free is priceless... here: www.bedroomresearch.com

“DINO FELIPE:ST. JOHN (CD) One of the many amazing artists I sadly lack full knowledge of is Miami-based speaker-destroyer Dino Felipe.My skull is buried in the quicksand of St. John,a new Felipe CD-R on Chicago label XDiedEnRouteY. I've listened to this about 15 times in the past week and I still can never remember what just happened or predict what's about to.Shrieking noisesdivebomb over viola drones, test-tone whines pierce through percussive screams,video game samples get dipped in liquid nitrogen and shattered against sharp rocks of feedback. Still,best thing about St.John is its weird mix of moods. Alot of it is actually kinda hilarious, .Yet all this nervous aural activity has an eerie drama,in the same way that John Cage and David Tudor's Indeterminacy can inspire chills and laughs simultaneously. Ultimately St. John is a hyper-barrage of sound that rewards both focused attention and passive acceptance,and an early candidate for 2006's Top Whatever. ”

Noiseweek - "Dino Felipe:St. John"

"DINO FELIPE:XANACONVERSEX" Felipe injects hooks into his usual soup of processed noise and static,creating a sound that's at once caustic and endearing,like a nine-year old computer nerd popping balloons and kicking you. From this static mess emerges a tender streak in Felipe's sonic recipe: the slow,ponderous undulation of the album's closer, "Sexual Boats (Guitars Float)".Nothing if not romantic, the sparkling synth keys and muted conversations of various members of the fairer sex drift by like clouds; the feeling is not unlike awakening high and contented on a spring Sunday morning. "Pinky", the fifth cut on Xanaconversex, showcases all of Felipe's strengths: opening with the rhythmic moans of another central computer siren, it rides a lounging, dubby bassline before breaking out into clean, traditional cut 'n' paste shenanigans. "Pinky" is a perfect balance of standard, sure-shot IDM and Felipe's unique Activision sensibility. Consider it one to grow on.

"Straight up, Dino Felipe is weird. This should come as no surprise given the local label through which he releases his music. Schematic is home of fellow freaks such as the scatologically obsessed Otto von Schirach.No matter; he has gained a cult national reputation on the strength of his music alone, which can veer from experimental noise to post-punky cold wave, from ambient textures to strangely danceable rhythms. And if approval by geographic outsiders matters, well, last year the notoriously cranky critics at Pitchfork Media gave Felipe's No Fun demo a 7.2 (out of 10). Of course, his legend has been helped along by the Internet as well. Out-of-towners can use YouTube to witness parts of his legendary, somewhat rare live performances around town, which usually find him naked and sweating, Iggy Pop-style. Felipe might be as elusive as Sasquatch but, we promise, is 90 percent less hairy and 300 percent more entertaining."