My Peoples / Press

“WOW! I've been waiting for this! This song is so good, I've been dancing around my house all morning. Can't wait to hear the rest of the EP!”

"...the influences of pop, Latin music, hip-hop, funk, jazz, and rock can be heard throughout the entire album, combined to create a distinctive, catchy sound."

Lilia Cabello - Campus Times Online

“SICK! MY PEOPLES sound dope! And now with the hip hop flava added to there music they won't be stopped!”

"Complete with quick wrist action, island-sound guitar flicks, this soulful wrangling of music is sure to instill a beat inside your brain."

Prenell - Skyline Press

"(MyPeoples) greatest strength is their tightness as a band"

Corey Schmidt - PastePunk.com

"...and then I put in the CD all I can say is that it has not left my car stero yet, this album is simply amazing. Now I know that I am going to rasime some eye-brows here, but I think that this band is better then Sublime, yeah I said it and I will stand by it. GET THIS ALBUM!!!!"

Todd Jones - KCSCradio.com

"that being said, Light Up will continue to be played on my headphones because the sheer funk power seeps in and makes you wonder, "Did the band turn the amp up to 11 to reach this level of talent?" EPs are generally a taste of what is to come, I say bring it on. George Clinto look out, Ozomatli beware, I see big things in (MyPeoples') future."

"(MyPeoples)" is a perfect blend of reggae, soul, hip-hop, and so much more and by the time you are done listening to this album you get the same feeling you did when you first heard Sublime."

JK - AllAgesZine.com