Left Lane Cruiser / Press

“Left Lane Cruiser is the real deal. They are blues at its best, filth at its finest, with just two men who are evoking enough inner demons to populate an entire circle of hell. Raising a ruckus, punching throats, and blackening eyes all the way from Ft. Wayne Indiana, Left Lane Cruiser makes a bigger and louder racket than most five-man operations, never once sacrificing songwriting or musicianship for the sake of bombasity.”

Andrew Bryant - Disc Exchange

“The musical tornado known as Left Lane Cruiser are back. And like a tornado, you better get the hell out of the way or risk finding yourself flat on your ass three miles down the road. The duo of Freddy J. IV and Brenn Beck are back and the formula remains the same – Freddy J. belts out the vocals while he plays the guitar like its on fire and Beck beats the drums like they grabbed his wife’s ass. While the formula remains the same there are a couple of subtle differences. In spite of an excellent finger-picking acoustic number, “Ol’ Fashioned,” the album sounds heavier (more metal) than Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table and it sounds cleaner than its predecessor, Thanks to Jim Diamond’s production. That’s never more evident than on “Hillgrass Bluebilly” and “Black Lung.””


“Grab your whiskey and get ready to rage. I’ve never heard a more powerful and gritty blues rock duo than these guys. Left Lane Cruiser is a two man outfit out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. They’re a couple of thrashers that can play the hell out of some punkesque garage blues. Think along the lines of a possessed Black Keys, Jack White without his cute peppermint outfits, or even ole’ R.L. Burnside fresh off divorcing his sixth wife and a four day bender. These guys don’t F around. Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck plays the ever lovin’ shit out of some drums (no joke, dude broke his hand 5 songs into a set a couple years back) while Freddy J IV tears you apart with insane licks off the slide. I dare you to try and listen to these guys and not immediately want to stay up all night slamming shots of Old Crow.”