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"Work Hard, Play Hard: SXX Rocks the Midwest" By: Meghan Neuland (2012) Courtesty of www.kzoomusicscene.com In a time where classic rock bands are diminishing, the four piece band SXX arrives in full force. Playing out of Kalamazoo, SXX reaches all audience types with their diverse musical arrangements and original songs.

“B.C. band keeping its roots - SXX is a veteran of Battle Creek's hard-up music scene, with eight years of classic dark rock under its belt and marked with the wisdom of that experience. Working through a few lineup changes, the group changed gears in the summer of 2003 and changed their name to SXX.”

"SXX: No-name band in a no-name scene" by Justin A. Hinkley (2007) Courtesy of The Counterculture Criteria Shawn Rainer, guitarist and vocalist for the Battle Creek veteran band SXX, kept using the words "working man's band" during our hour-and-a-half interview at Penn Station a couple of weeks ago. About halfway through the interview, I was really starting to believe it. Rainer and his partner in crime Richard Nuyen have been on the music scene in our suffering little town for about eight years, an eternity when it comes to bands, which usually tend to break up, drop out, or move on after two or three years at the most.

"Big Tips And Hats" album review by Douglas Waltz (2005) Courtesy of Askew Reviews Based out of Battle Creek, Michigan , this power rock trio has their stuff together. From the jump and jive "Sta Smooth George" to the haunting "Alien Design," this five song ep delivers the goods. Richard Nuyen's vocals come across clear and consistent, resonating with every note. Add to that the technical expertise of Phil Wiswell's lead guitar and Shawn Rainer's energetic driving drums and you have a group that far surpasses what passes for local music in the local scene here inBattle Creek and Kalamazoo .

“SXX - Shawn Rainer interview by David T. Farr (2004) Courtesy of The Sturgis Journal DAVID: First off, what does SXX mean? Is there a special meaning or significance to your band name? SHAWN: At first we picked the name because it wasn't already taken. I think it's really just a band logo that happens to say "SXX", kind of like when Prince took on that goofy symbol back in the 90's. Our goofy logo just happens to be legible. There isn't any hidden meaning other than that we want everyone to remember our band name. DAVID: What kind of music do you play and where are you based out of? SHAWN: By definition we are a rock power trio, however we blend classic rock, jazz, blues, and a hint of metal. We're based out of Battle Creek, Michigan.”

"Defining Moments" album review by Gabor Fabian (2000) Courtesy of Strutter'Zene I believe I heard that this band was compared to STYX, but after listening to their debut CD 'Defining moments' I haven't heard any influence of that Classic Pomprockband. BAD OSCAR has more appeal to the 90s Hardrocksound. Opener "Cracker man" is a heavy 90s groovy rocker. Happily, next track "The offer" is much better, this is a nice semi melodic rocker a la XYZ. Then another 90s typed rocker in the shape of "In the line". And actually the rest of this CD has the same variety.