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"Hi there guys. With it being the Holidays and all everybody looks to see what they are thankful for. Well to be honest all of you guys are who I'm probably most thankful for and I really just wanted to say thank you. You guys have helped my girlfriend SO much with your music since she started listening to you guys after seeing you at the STEMM show last year. She tends to fall into depression a lot and really gets into music and I have found that out of all music that really helps and keeps her going its Whiskey Reverb that has been one of the greatest things to help her I feel. So I just wanted to say thank you guys. I will never be able to express how grateful I am over how much your music has touched and help her soul. Thank you."

Andrew L - Facebook

“The set list of musical vagabonds Whiskey Reverb defies genre, incorporating blues, reggae, jazz, and hip-hop into a soulful stew. Alternately hard-rock gruff and R&B smooth, vocals slide alongside a stomping contraption of heavy guitars and drums, sometimes breaking into rap interludes.”


"SoulFire Volume I" -2012 Album of The Year

WBNY College Radio Music Awards

“2012 & 2013 Best Original Band”

Nightlife Magazine

“2012 & 2013 Hard Rock Rising Winners”

Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls

"Thank you for the song, I needed the positivity in my life right now. I saw you guys for the first time at Music is Art last year after hearing a lot about you on the edge and you did not disappoint. When I am feeling better I will definitely come see you guys again"

Sam E. - Youtube post "Something Good" video

“This crew is such a mixture of unique human beings, different personalities which somehow blend effortlessly. The vast amount of love and support that is freely given, is a beautiful thing to witness. There is no prejudice, no judgments - just acceptance of who we are, as we are. I am very grateful to be a part of your lives - I heart you.”

Alyce Lynn - The Monthly Rag

“you guys are thie shit.. cant wait to see you again!!!”

Shawn Stock - facebook

“2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 -Best of Buffalo, Best Original Act Nominee”


“yo, it was great hearing you cats last night at dubs (Dubland Underground). Y'all sounded great!!! Get at me about lockin some dates down. I gotta get the new album. Thanks.”

Tony Gallicchio, Funknut, Giant Panda Gorilla DubSquad - Facebook

“2010 IFFY award winner- "Most Rockin Band"”

Infringement Festival

“2010 Rage on the Stage Champions”


“Listening to you guys on the radio, all the way here on Long Island, Im loving it!!! Love the acoustic sound, you guys sound amazing!!! Love you guys!!!”

Patricia Cunningham (after WBNY set) - Facebook