“The hardest working band in Vegas”

“Meg Vitale sings her heart out and damn near pours out every bit of emotion left in her body”

“If 'A Promise For Forever' is anything to go by, the likes of Paramore and We Are The In Crowd had better watch their backs because there's a new challenger for the female-fronted pop punk crown... It's punchy, melody-soaked and infectious as hell, with frontwoman Meg's stunning vocals (and looks) sure to win them plenty of fans.”

"This bunch is as blue collar as they come, touring almost nonstop for the past two years with no label support, crashing in Walmart parking lots and on the couches and floors of fans who would have them in their homes for a night...after 3½ years, it's paid off...with their new EP, "Party Animals," the band's songwriting prowess has caught up with their infectious stage presence."

“Ministry of Love’s name is almost inescapable, and that’s no accident. They’re one of the hardest working and most enthusiastic bands in town... these guys and gals obviously love what they do and that passion comes through in their music. "Obituary", the band’s latest track, comes complete with catchy guitar riffs and a powerful performance from vocalist Meg Vitale. The song finds Ministry of Love sliding comfortably into the pop/rock genre, a sound that suits the band nicely.”

“Singer Meg Vitale's got plenty of fury”

"It’s striking that a band can create a sound which is raw and refined at the same time then make it catchy, it’s really cool to hear!"

“Brash rockers Ministry of Love are fond of both melody and mayhem and are one of the most road-tested acts in Vegas..The members of Ministry of Love don't have to wonder what might have been, because they have aggressively pursued their dreams as a touring rock band.”

“They're setting the example and showing bands here in Las Vegas what you have to do to be successful and grow as a Band.”

“Just like that, new life was breathed into Ministry of Love, largely via the presence and pipes of Vitale, whose vicious vibrato began evoking Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker from day one”

“The five-piece Ministry of Love took the show, no questions asked... the group has become an unstoppable rock ‘n’ roll entity. Be sure to catch these guys and girls...or you’ll be missing out on one of the best groups Vegas has to offer”

Jordan Healy - UNLV Rebel Yell

“These kind hearted kids from Vegas are about the most genuine fun-loving band around. They've certainly made a splash in the Vegas scene, having already shared the stage with Chiodos, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Hawthorne Heights.”

AMP Magazine