Adam Whittington / Press

“Set over a throbbing, electro-synth saturated bassline, Adam has the job of carrying the pop melody amidst the swirling dance production - and a fine job he does with it. He carries the positive, life-affirming lyrics through the verses, letting his voice soar during the chorus - all allowing for a genuinely inviting, sing-along track. So not only do you get to shimmy from start to finish, but you get to feel motivated by it all too! Win!”

““This was not your typical “Hey gang, let’s put on a show” show; no, this was something that you might experience if you went to see somebody like Justin Timberlake or Usher”. ”

“Adam's looks, vocal ability and the mix of pop meets euro-dance will make him a superstar, I am sure of it!”

““Adam’s performances are non-stop, highly energetic, and ranks up there with some of the best performances we’ve had at our event over the past nine years (this includes artists signed with major record labels).” ”

Bryan Ebert - Darboyfest Chairperson

““Whittington has been an exploding star in the local music scene. He's done a number of packed-house concerts over the past year and was voted "Upper Michigan's Favorite Local Act". ”

““Adam Whittington's music has made him a local sensation, but the Ishpeming resident remains humble”. -Noël McLaren WLUC TV6”