Mister Baby / Press

“I've been sampling Mister Baby on and off for a couple of years now. Every time I listen, I want to see them live. Something tells me that Huddleston is an oddball who could sell you a bridge, and that's on a bad night. Put Fiske and Hopping into the mix and I'd probably have my checkbook out before I knew it. What can I say? After more than ten listens to Great Big Fire Show, I'm sold. Now, Megan, if you don't mind, about that bridge.....”

“Truth is, there’s no good reason why Megan shouldn’t be world famous for “The Most Beautiful Song.” Personally I’d love to see her in a sparkly gown standing statuesque on stage saying something completely inappropriate to the Grammy crowd. And then I’d like to see Kanye try and take away Megan’s microphone . . . ”

“Megan is a unique voice. Her writing is like no other with its dark, dark humor, wonderful analogies and an ability to convey universal themes with the specifics of place and incident. Get to know Megan Huddleston and Mister Baby by listening to “Great Big Fire-Show” while you drive over those proverbial Blue Ridge mountains to your own Waynesboro of the soul. ”

“This album is good because it is honest and the woman who wrote these songs lives passionately and is just a little bit weird. Man, the stories her lovers could tell! The music is kind of a cross between Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

“Some advice from a new fan: Cancel whatever plans you have tonight and catch Huddleston’s gig! ”

“Hailing from Crozet, Va., a small town outside of Charlottesville, Mister Baby has paid her dues as a touring musician developing a devoted fan base across the country, particularly here in Oxford. Sitting alone with her acoustic guitar and no microphone at Main Squeeze, Huddleston showed the ability to reach out to every member of the audience on an emotional level through her powerful voice and meaningful lyrics.”

“Mister Baby hails from Crozet, VA. Led by singer/songwriter Megan Huddleston, this trio infuses their Americana music with wry humor and thought-provoking lyrics. As they tour the American South in the dead of winter, Huddleston is joined by Jesse Suhl Fiske of the Hackensaw Boys and bassist (and banjo player) Jake Hopping, formerly of King Wilkie. From somewhere on the road, Huddleston took a moment to talk to us about her music and what to expect from their show Saturday night at The Thirsty Hippo.”

“Mister Baby, honorary Oxfordian : Megan brings a fresh sound to Oxford and we're fortunate to have her in our midst. Her raspy, breathy Appalachian-tinged voice and lyrics explore the experiences of life with wit, pain and raw honesty that sometimes feels like a sneak-peek at a diary entry.”

“Mister Baby (Megan Huddleston) is playing at the Box tonight instead of Blue Moon. This will be her first show there since she released her widely praised album, which I will sum up here as a nice, gritty slice of virginiana as told by one tough, talented lady.”

“Unto the Old Dominion was born a savior with an honest voice and an electric guitar strung with her own guts. In the words of Hank Jr. she "could make folks feel what she felt inside." Which was seldom pleasant or friendly and could, therefore, strike or slice a nerve in whoever dared to listen. ”

“Last week, Megan Huddleston—the singer, songwriter and eye of the storm for Mister Baby—dropped by the C-VILLE office to record a live, three-song set of tunes from her excellent new album, Lucky You! It’s a smoking set, and one of the finest, fiercest sessions we’ve had the privilege of rec”

“Best Local Records of 2009 - Mister Baby, Lucky You!”