Immortal Technique / Press

"What kind of individual would the heavens produce if the influential spirits of Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Marcus Garvey and Fred Hampton (Black Panthers) just to name a few were all instilled into one single human being?

“When an artist or group distance themselves from the standard rap formula, when they set out to make real music and are unwilling to compromise their integrity for the sake of making a dollar, its time to listen.”

““Imperialism is sponsored by corporations – that’s why Halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations,” is a line typical of Immortal Technique, the New York based MC who combines the anger of the early hip-hop era with hard hitting political lyrics that set him apart from most rappers today.”

“East coast emcee Immortal Technique is known as much for his activism as his lyricism. Now, in addition to promoting good will through his lyrics and his time, the Viper Records Executive Vice President is now putting his money where is mouth is—literally.”

“The outbreak of criticism in response to the acquittal of several New York City police officers in the shooting death of 23-year-old Sean Bell has prompted rapper/activist Immortal Technique to compile a list of stories showing the pervasiveness of police brutality across the United States.”

“A new method of delivery – Street Shock Politics. Shit that was high minded enough to be politically poignant yet served up in the coldest platter of vulgar street slang that would hold the average Crip’s attention. This was lightning in a bottle folks. I was there. I felt it.”

“I was floored by that crowd of over 30k+ singing along to his shit. I felt good to know that one of us had truly did the damn thing – in our own way with no compromises, gimmicks or trickery. Just raw unadulterated words from the heart.”