Patrick Dyer Wolf / Press

“Think of a Simon and Garfunkel meets The Black Keys duo sound, and you’ll have an idea of P. Wolf and Avi’s level of awesome. The product of two highly talented soulful song writers, Coattails is a refreshingly familiar album that will restore your faith in solid songwriting.”

“Coattails is the kind of album that is unmarked by time. It could have been made thirty years ago and it will be just as good in thirty more. Refreshingly spacious, the album is a collection of beautiful and isolated acoustic songs that are the product of two genius musicians with a knack for songwriting. Featuring beautiful guitar picking and quirky lyrics, Coattails is as impossibly likeable as the two modest, talented young musicians that created it.”

“…the projects bands work on post-breakup, tend to be, well, they suck. However there is an exception to every rule, and in this instance, that exception is called PWolf and Avi…Check out their entire album (yes, the whole thing), and let me know your thoughts.”

“We also LOVE his song about Tsotumu Yamaguchi, the last surviving double atomic bomb survivor who died in early 2010.”

“[COATTAILS BY PWOLF AND AVI] Hymns to treat wounds ("She Ain't Comin' Back"), elegies for lost friends ("Requiem"), metropolitan sketches about the credit crunch ("The Avenue"). Songs that are light and thoughtful at the same time, dancing on the dreamy kazoo of "Lazybones," traveling from Greenwich Village to the beaches of California in "Santa Cruz ".”