Jesse Liam / Press

““Jesse Liam Band..You need to check this guy out. His voice, smile and charm will melt your Heart!!””

Mary Day - Indigo Pizza and Lounge

"Jesse's performance at our 2011 Concert Series was exceptional. He and his band were professional in every way and were well received by our audience. It didn't take long for the crowd to be on it's feet, clapping and enjoying his upbeat show. It's rare that an act appears two years in a row at our Concert Series, but I'm bringing them back in 2012 to perform the material from his new One Step Closer CD."

Ray Lavey - Music & Entertainment, Bristol RI 4th of July Committee

““...take notice of this young man's gift. This disc is loaded with infectious folk/Americana/country-pop. … He has the voice of an angelic choir boy and croons about love. He delivers the perfectly crafted tunes and the accompaniment lifts him higher on the musical scale...””

John Fuzek - Motif Magazine: Roots Report

““Jack first let me tell you that I got great feedback on your band from last week. I had many requests for your website and asking when and where you guys would be playing next. Wow thank you!””

Federico Luzzi - Food and Beverage Operations Manager / The Hotel Viking, Newport, RI