Jeff Stone / Press

“South sider Jeff Stone returns home for Chicago Blues Fest”

“The second Jeff in my story but still on the top of my year end list is Jeff Stone for: ‘Blues Album of the Year’: ‘3 Faces of the Blues’. The fact that I don’t write a lot of cd reviews for Ameriblues doesn’t mean I don’t listen to at least two or three new ones per week. Jeff’s ’3 Faces’ disc was a late entry this year but man am I glad I got it in time for this article. The production and time spent in the studio on this record is obvious, this is no ‘pro-tools’ production and every song proves that there is simply no substitute for a top flight recording studio and personnel who know what they’re doing. Add that to the line-up of talent on this record and what you get is in my opinion, Grammy material. I won’t write my ’3 Faces’ review here but watch for it coming to our pages in early 2012 and watch for Jeff out there promoting this record, he’ll blow you away like no other can. ”

“Jeff Stone, Chicago master of the blues and gospel harp...I can’t say enough about this cats skill with the harp,he knows the role of a blues harp player and if he didn’t write the book on how to play, he’s at least added a few chapters. Jeff is currently working on a blues / gospel project titled 3 Faces of the Blues – A Gospel Truth I’ve checked it out and believe me when I say Jeff Stone will take you to church and save your soul without ever uttering a word. This man knows the blues and plays with soul to spare and I truly believe him when he told me that the music is a ‘calling’ for him. Get a chance and listen to him,(notice I didn’t say IF you get a chance) Jeff hangs his hat in Texas but he goes where the music takes him so keep a lookout. and watch for a ’3 Faces’ session coming to a town nearby.”