MESSER / Press

“On The Compound Chronicles part 1 -"This is the first CD that sounds like a major label band"”

Lit Monthly - Lit Monthly

"Congratz! Things are really happening for you guys! Listen to part two. We break your new song "Whiskey" People are loving it"

"Great interview guys! Thanks for the support!"

“...this is the first CD that sounds like a major label band..NUFF SAID!!”

"Undoubtedly a band to keep your eyes on! MESSER will knock you over on your first listen with their edgy sound, pulsing rhythms and addictive melodies! If you are sick of the same old song and dance then MESSER is "The One That HEALS"! Experience MESSER! You'll see!"

"GREAT tune fellas!! Nice tone, production, the whole bit. Tear it up with this one!"

"Your new song Simple Man is a GOOD SONG! It has the right hooks and is very radio friendly."

"Simple Man" is a hard driving, balls out number that is well produced with the mark of an experienced engineer behind the wheel. A strong clean mix that exceeds the musicians boundaries and talents as they push themselves to new levels that neither band member have been to before...."

"MeSSer with the single release of "Simple Man". Alot of talent comes across my desk and this band has talent. The single has an ever changing beat with lyrics that get the message across. I see Grammy Noms in their very near future. This band ROCKS!

"Messer is a band that takes you back to your musical roots and throws that very unique spin to it that makes it fresh and new. Exactly what we need, so many bands have an issue with sounding exactly like another band... NOT MESSER... they are a definite ORIGINAL!!"

"Great song, crushingly heavy but with a great melodic chorus that makes you want more."

"... sounds LARGE and IN CHARGE! Love the vocals"

Lance Harvill - Vocals/Guitar - ARMS OF THE SUN - Personal Email to the band after hearing "Simple Man"

"The song is tight and you guys have grown allot in your writing and your rhythm...I LOVE IT"

““A perfect combination of aggression and melody with hooks that will hold you long after the song has finished playing. These guys have it figured out.””

"Be prepared before you hit 'play' on Messer's new single, "Simple Man." You will be BLOWN AWAY!! These guys are PRO's! You will be hearing a lot from MESSER in coming months and years; and you will be glad you were here from the beginning. This AWESOME studio recording belies their AMAZING live performances; BLISTERING music; and earth-shattering, polished, SCORCHING vocals.