Jim Ashley / Press

“...He can fingerpick like a motherf**cker...”

Eric Miller - Hourglass Studio Open Mic Host

"Ashley’s prowess for live performance knows no bounds."

"...a small-town songwriter armed with an acoustic guitar... Jim Ashley has a knack for speaking the truth behind the limelight..."

“...writes and performs songs that are salt-of-the-earth odes to everyday life and everyday people.”

"Citing influences like Arlo Guthrie, Mike Cross and Todd Snider, he known for making live performances interactive. He goes beyond the brief commentary a solo artist usually gives the audience during a set."

"One might say Ashley’s material emanates an Emersonian quality: It requires its listener to be observant, introspective and self-reliant."

"An Everyman take on the ups and downs of daily life performed through a blues and folk filter..."

Brian Tucker - The Star News

“...prize-winning singing and songwriting...”

“...heavily Woody Guthrie-influenced...”

“His original folk songs...sound like they could’ve been penned decades ago.”

"Ashley, who has a knack for storytelling, plays a fiery acoustic guitar on his songs with themes and situations average folks can relate to."

Brian Tucker - Star News

“You got to hand it to Jim, he finds the coolest places to play.”

““An Honest Living”...is truly a song for our times sung in the folk tradition, with lyrics that are both bitterly true and steadfastly honest.”

“Ashley will also break out covers, both obscure and well-known, from the annals of country, blues and, of course, folk.”

“South Carolina-born, Wilmington-based singer and songwriter Jim Ashley is cut from an old-school cloth.”

“Check him out and see for yourself.”

“This local singer and songwriter by way of South Carolina is an excellent guitar player who pens tunes that pin down the working man’s blues.”

“Jim Ashley...thoroughly impressed me during “Holiday Unplugged” with his song “An Honest Living,” a timely and brilliant tune about how we’re all getting screwed these days.”