FELILI / Press

“According to this singer/songwriter, most [people] don't take time out to appreciate the lyrics within a slow song. However with Felili's songs, SouthSide suggests you do. For example, take the title track off her CD - The Moon and while admiring the intense images of the moon, listen to the haunting slow tempo and the way this singer emotionally projects her vocals. And listening to this song live with the video images really puts it into a unique prospective that you might have never experienced before.”

“The Moon is a melange of production styles creating aural pastiches around Felili's bright but slightly smokey vocals. Her bio compares her delivery to that of Karen O, and while Felili certainly doesn't share O's grasp of abandon and danger, they do both have powerful instruments at their disposal.”

“Depending on the song’s mood, she alters her voice. The album’s lead single “Hotel” has a bit of a reggae influence. Felili uses a voice somewhere between Macy Gray and Nina Simone. “Paradise” has more of a 90s alt rock song. The voice she uses on this song is more similar to Alanis Mori”

“Inspired by Mexican folk, old jazz singers, and modern pop music, Felili’s debut album, the Moon is a hodgepodge of influences put together into a cohesive package.”

"Her debut album The Moon is a crossroads of indie musings and soul, with a tendency to bury the songs in superfluous sound effects, but the adventurous rhythms come to the rescue ..."

"...An album clever enough to blend different sounds and genres without losing personality."