Elemental Groove Theory (EGT) / Press

“...there is no funk rock band I've seen that can beat EGT. Having heard their new album in its entirety (a must-listen, by the way) and having spoken to a few band members themselves in an article I wrote last spring, I can confidently say that the band is simply too talented and entertaining to pass up on any night. It was a great hour-plus of music. After starting off with an immense jam-like song sans vocals, singer Rachel Maxann emerged onstage as the band launched into -- arguably -- their best song, "Live Your Style." It contains a lyric, "Music will change everything," which I particularly like. It's simple, sure, but it can be the truth. And when you see the crowd reaching toward Maxann and the stage while she sings those lyrics, well, it certainly is inspiring to say the least.”

“Elemental Groove Theory's debut album is relentlessly catchy, expertly polished and definitely eclectic. Listening to Elemental Groove Theory, you can hear how much fun the band is having playing the songs. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself dancing or singing along by the time the album is over. The response is perfectly natural.”

“Not every band makes it in this world. Some do, some don’t, and sometimes the wrong ones get big while the right ones go broke. With that being said, Elemental Groove Theory is no doubt a band that should be on the cusp of breaking out, if this world that we live in is a fair one.”