Ghost Shirt / Press

“I cannot recommend this band enough. Lyrically honest, no pretense, pop songs. What else can a music fan ask for?”

“Luckily for the Columbus music scene, the itch to be in front of an audience eventually got the better of him.”

“like Arcade Fire come back down to Earth.”

“Be warned: If you pick up this EP, you’ll have no choice but to get the full album when it comes out.”

“Led by the golden-voiced Branden Barnett (formerly of the Shatters), Ghost Shirt uses killer hooks, guy-girl harmonies, beautiful string arrangements and some good ol’ distorted guitar to craft songs that veer from chamber-pop to power pop.”

“they could have been drawn by Hanna Barbera for a Saturday morning children’s cartoon- gorgeous voiced Branden who looked like a Grizzly but was really a Teddy Bear, wise-cracking, curly-haired drummer Murph, tiny violinist Sam drunk on one glass of wine, and quiet bassist Ryan.”

“Singer/guitarist Branden Barnett led the band through a set of meticulously arranged songs rife with magnetic hooks that felt vaguely familiar but rarely rehashed, taking lessons from the Lemonheads, the Kinks and, like any rock group that embraces its inner pop, the Beatles. ”

“a band happy to stomp on the musical landmine with a smile.”