Chasing Claymores / Press

“San Diego, CA quartet Chasing Claymores take pop-rock to another level in their new EP, Hindsight's 20/20. Using the genre as a foundation, these five tracks build on the heavy integration of alt-rock and pop-punk, while a fiery passion moves them ever-forward. Between heated, hooky choruses and a preference for anthemic, group vocals, they've created a larger-than-life sound, and one that's too catchy to forget once the EP's ran its course.”

“Southern California has been known for its' pop-punk bands for years now (Blink 182 ring any bells?). The latest addition to that lineage is San Diego's Chasing Claymores. Together almost five years, but with a newly inked deal with Authentik Artists, Chasing Claymores are poised to grab attention with their just released EP Hindsight's 20/20. You know you've got a good thing going when you get to the end of an EP and wonder why the hell it wasn't a full album. Catchy, hook-laden, and very well produced this EP is definitely going to leave you wanting more from Chasing Claymores. They may not break new ground or reinvent the genre here, but this is a band of guys adept at showing the fact that they have spent their time in the trenches honing their craft and producing an EP that would be really hard to find any fault with. This brief, yet stellar release will make the perfect addition to your summer playlist, all for less than the price of your daily Starbucks fix! ”

“The lyrics are sung by Shelly in hopes of overcoming the common struggle of being young and trying to dismiss an older generation’s advice, “Keep your chin up, kid/The worst is almost over/I’ve heard these lines so many times/You’ll understand when you get older.” Chasing Claymores takes their listeners on a journey of growing up and produces a classic youth anthem for today’s generation. Themes of adolescence and youthful dilemmas make Chasing Claymores’ Hindsight’s 20/20 catchy in the best way possible. The EP is filled with insightful lyrics, holding true to confrontation of failed relationships and life decisions that come with growing up. Chasing Claymores is a band that creates successful arrangements of stories revolving around one common theme: childhood. Their listeners—including myself—are excited to hear more beautifully pop-punk anthems with an optimistic light from this talented unit of performers. Rate: 4.5/5 ”

“Who would have thought San Diego natives Chasing Claymores would have met their guitarist Scott Baird via Craigslist? Baird himself was even surprised, but with the most recent lineup sticking since 2011, there won’t be any need to search the net for bandmates. “All of the guys have connected through a close friendship and an unbelievable desire to write optimistic, life-changing, pop-punk,” says Baird, describing their style as “a great blend of pop-punk that features optimistic choruses and aggressive crowd vocals,” which can be heard on select West Coast tour dates this summer.”

“Sometimes a review basically writes itself. These are the times that your (probably least) favorite LMP reviewer wants to send a cake to a band. The new EP from San Diego punks CHASING CLAYMORES is the latest example of a band’s goodwill toward its lowly reviewers. This review can be summed up pretty easily: if you like well-executed, catchy pop-punk, then you need to check out CHASING CLAYMORES. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about stepping on any landmines here (pardon the pun); hindsight is 20/20, and I can gladly report that I’m still glad I listened to the EP spin after spin. This mini-album isn’t revolutionizing the genre or creating something completely unique; instead, CHASING CLAYMORES takes what makes bands like FOUR YEAR STRONG, NEW FOUND GLORY, and HIT THE LIGHTS work and plays the hell out of it. The result is a near-perfect set of summer anthems that will most likely appeal to fans of late 90s/early 2000s pop-punk.”

“The album opens with ‘Well Played, Mauer’, a classic slice of American rock with it’s driving, call-to-arms, crescendo and a fine up-tempo feel. This is followed with ‘I’m Taking It Back, I’m Taking Them All Back,’ which uses a high-pitch lead guitar riff, a chugging rhythm track and tempo shifts that will delight fans of artists such as Bad Religion and Paramore. ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ delivers more emotionally-charged punk-styled rock music in the style of acts such as Green Day, before ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Youth’ sees a harder-edged, riff-and-drum driven assault, which still manages to maintain a strong, rock-radio, crossover appeal. The short collection is rounded as ‘The Optimist’ drops solidly into American hardcore territory with its tempo changes, lead guitar rides, drum rolls and full rhythm section taking this album to a fine finish. While the Chasing Claymores’ ‘Hindsight’s 20/20′ is short with just five tracks, it packs a real p”

“San Diego’s Chasing Claymores has a new release in hand for listeners in the form of their new five song EP Hindsight’s 20/20. This Brain Grider (This Time Next Year, Fight Fair, Lower Definition) produced release instantly kicks into gear with opener “Well Played, Mauer.” The sound is reminiscent of New Found Glory and Saosin. The singing has a bit of a gritty undertone while also being melodic. It works well with the song arrangements that feature that rock kick under the melodic forefront, this all molds into tracks that cause the listener to ask why the band has not gotten bigger yet. The tracks will have any listener singing along instantly while bobbing their head to the instrumentation. While the tracks are very good and of high quality, there needs to be more diversity in the vocal delivery and song arrangements or a full length will drag on and suffer from the monotone sound. Back to Hindsight’s 20/20 though, this is a solid offering to help the band reach a bigger a”

“Not unlike other rising pop-punk groups in vein of Four Year Strong such as Kid Liberty and Kids Icarus...However, the foundation of their debut EP Hindsight’s 20/20 is thematically one of optimism, a very refreshing addition to their sound... The final track is easily the biggest stand out on the record, as the uplifting vocal delivery suits the controlled guitar work in ideal fashion – it’s this accessibility that makes Chasing Claymores really stand out. Lyrically, the track stands out in its own right: “Like a father who gives up when he chose not to stay / Or the preacher in the church who abandons his faith / I lost myself but now I am returning.” As Hindsight’s 20/20 ends, it does so as a bit of an oxymoron. Yes, this type of music has been heard record after record – the riffs, gang vocals, hooks, etc – but Chasing Claymores add a refreshing touch to it, adding in their own blend of hope. ”