Chad Williams Band / Press

“You guys are fantastic and I love your vocals, your feel, your look, and your music!! Country music right now-- sexy grit. I would love to sign you but in fairness to you, I think you are in the best target market possible for your sound. Best, Cheers, and Keep Rocking Country Style! -- Danielle E. / LA Office”

Danielle E. - Tin Star Records

"We’ve been keeping our eyes and ears on Chad Williams Band over the past year. Yet again these boys rise to the occasion to bring us some great tunes and now they’ve produced a great video."

"Great sound, great lyrics, great package. You are definitely 'Rockin' us Country Style'"

Loud and Louder Promotions

"Perfect hard drinkin country with balls tunes. Nothing could make the toes tap more and the whiskey flow."

Mike White Presents

"Great tunes with a POWERFUL voice! Love you and your sound!

Pixy Disc Recordings

"This is PURE COUNTRY BALLS! Keep it up!"

Northern X Radio

"Love the old-school feel you have going on. It is very easy to listen to and totally rockin'. Can't wait to see you live."

SBE Entertainment