Mecanikill / Press

“The songs feel like a happy snake wrapping around your brain and slithering from ear to ear as it wiggles around your lobes. Trippy pounding beats, good droning rhythms which leads right down into altered states this album conjures. The sampling has a beautiful selection, including an often used “Once a person is perverted, it is practically impossible for that person to adjust to a normal attitude in regard to sex”. There are times listening I can feel the smoke machines from a live performance exploding over you as the music is played on a stage where strobe lights flash randomly. If you are familiar with older experimental music, it feels like a much more refinded Crash Worship; less metalic crashing and banging, more synths and voices. While it would be a little difficult to work most of this album into a dance set, it would be perfect for setting a nearly psychic mood. Minor notes, but not gloomy, powerful but not overwhelming.”

“I can still smell the fog and feel the sweat from a club full of people in the same mind space as they listen to a performance; I can feel the cute blonde climbing on me and grinding because I was a good ground for her and she tranced easy. If you are looking for something to get you into some new experimental industrial noise you would do yourself a favor by getting this album.”

“It was a honor to share the stage with you and your distortion!”

Zoog von Rock - Angelspit

“YES!!!! Hahahahahahah Mecanikill? is fucking wicked shit man. The triangle loves you! ”

“Coil vs. Thrill Kill Kult vs Clock DVA”

“The bastard child of Thrill Kill Kult.”

“Always keep making new music, your synths are an inspiration, few match your timbers and inclusion of madness! I always appreciate such sounds a lot! ”

“VERY nice! It's rare that I play a band page from start to finish, and I just did VERY loud. I think the Scientologists heard that. So thanks for helping piss them off. Back to the Lab. ”

“Incredible textures and ambiance in your music i love it! ”

“~ this is f&cking really crazy, maddening, insane sh!t ~ ”

“I have liked Luke Vibert and meat beat manifesto for years and i like your shit much better as far as catching up with the those other bands, it sounds like all you need is more exposure! ”

“Death may be your universe, you are completely alive! Thank you for resurrecting me.”

“I love the ugly sounds!”