FUGITIVE DAUGHTER | Cinematic Beats / Press

“That song [To The Bone], "Priceless", "Headcount", "Say Player", and "Deviate", are my frickin jams!!! Everytime I hear them I wish I had a beautiful girl, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and 5 tabs of Esctasy at my disposal. Thems be some good ass sexy songs, mama!!”

Iz You Iz

“I would have to definitely say that their music is definitely COOL music. When I listen to it, I feel like my attitude changes; like I can pick up on any girl in the world and actually succeed with the pick up, wouldn't you agree?”

“Exotic sounds match exotic lyrics. Very addictive rhythms make you want more than just the few short songs on the CD. It's a lot of sound from just two people. Say Player is the hit from the CD. No sound or band to really compare it to. I recommend it for anyone looking for a new alternative. With its powerful lyrics I wouldn't look for it on the radio any day soon.”

Sean Carew