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"With a head nod from Yellowcard and almost a decade under their belt, Cincinnati’s own The Upset Victory is a band not to be ignored as you’re making your schedule for this year’s Bunbury Music Festival. The alt-rock quintet–which comprises Stephen Campbell (guitar), Frank Hammonds (guitar/vocals), Eric Vice (bass), Jason Dill (vocals), and Aaron Roy (drums) caught my ears last year as they turned up to eleven and electrified the Amphitheater Stage." - Midwest Action Interview

“Well they sold us! With over 9000 views on Soundcloud. The Upset Victory are on their way! Check out “Sellin’ My Soul” above and listen to them below on TRS 24/7 Radio Indie Top 10 Countdown. -CG-SpotOnMagazine”

“...The Upset Victory followed The Yugos with an energetic blend of tricky rhythms (including some phenomenal bass playing) and anthemic power choruses...”

“Pick up a paper today and you may see someone you recognize - our very own Eric Vice! Get to know Eric more and read the latest news regarding TUV. Full article available here: Pick up a paper today and you may see someone you recognize - our very own Eric Vice! Get to know Eric more and read the latest news regarding TUV. Full article available here: http://www.daytonky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/DaytonComm_0114.pdf”

“Their latest single “Fake This” has some amazing toe-tapping, head-banging tracks. The music is fast paced, upbeat and is generally not to be taken as overly complex. Jason Dill has the perfect voice for this kind of music. Arron Roy drums frantically and the production makes the drums loud enough for the album to maintain a more hardcore feel. Throw in the guitars with their fast power chords utilizing some variation to make some memorable and fresh sounding riffs.”

“I decided for a change I would review the music video the band have published for their song ‘Fake This’. I really liked the introduction to this song, especially my surprise to hear a piano being played. This was unexpected to me, given the genre of the music. This introduction was supported by the close-up of the vocalist. This was a nice touch as it helped establish a focal point of the group. With regards to the musicality of the verse, a fantastic feature was the chords. These were chromatically ascending as the verse progressed, which worked really well and provided a different edge to the musical structure of the song. Another good feature of the song, and the video, was the rhythmic security. The verse ended with a very tight build up between the whole band, which was anchored by the synced cuts of the music video...”

“They have been one of the most featured bands in our magazine and once you listen to a new song, every time they release a new album, you know the reason why… Wall Street by Cincinnati’s very own The Upset Victory returns with a new EP and one thing is clear: They are here to stay. “In Our Hands” is pure rock and roll in every sense. We have this sound that’s reminiscent of Anberlin and later The Used, with some great guitar riffs and Jason Dill’s unique voice that adds a special touch to each track. “Sellin’ My Soul” is a powerful, fast-paced song that both vocally and musically reminded me of Fall Out Boy. It’s really groovy in the verses and the chorus has this poppy, catchy and upbeat vibe. “Fake This” closes this record, once again following the path of the second track with vocals that recall Patrick Stump and a sound in the vein of FOB and Panic! At The Disco. It has a bit of AFI as well. The powerful guitar riffs feel almost like a punch to the stomac”

“The Upset Victory had their song "Fake This" selected by producers as part of our Mainstream Music Video Opportunity. The video is set to go into rotation at over 8,500 retail & broadcast outlets.”

“One on One Music Feature”

“TUV is featured in Papercut Magazine’s June Anniversary Issue!”

“Gifted Rock crew The Upset Victory full-length, Before the World Ends, was another powerful showcase of the band’s memorable Pop, Metal and Punk blend. The album was issued by Recover Records domestically, while the group also has deals in place with labels in Greece and Australia.”

“The renowned Relix Magazine has featured TUV as a band ‘On the Rise’ in their July/August Anniversary Music Festival Issue. We’re honored to be apart of such a historical music magazine.”

“Bunbury Festival & TUV we're mentioned on USA TODAY... Bunbury Music Festival is also ranked one of the top 10 music festivals in the country among the likes of Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, & Burning Man.”

“This is not a scene from an upcoming action flick starring Jason Statham. It does look like it could be, right? Although the picture may not depict the latest box office gem, it is an accurate symbolic depiction of the band that enters the New Band Palace today. Like the image of the band depicted above, The Upset Victory is a high-energy rock outfit that punches the listener with edgy vocals, speedy riffs, robust percussion, and stout guitars. The group has quickly sped out of the parking garage and onto radio stations throughout their home base of Cincinnati.”

“Check out ESPN’s NEW show UNITE airing NOW to hear our song “Sellin’ My Soul”!”

“The Upset Victory brings us music that is very reminiscent of Panic at the Disco meets some AFI. Poppy, hooky and big choruses! - Rob Daily”

“Property Of Zack is doing an exclusive promo for our third music video "Fake This"!”

“Check out our latest interview and feature courtesy of Song Revelation magazine! We discuss an array of topics from our musical backgrounds, to the evolution of TUV, what we’re currently working on and what 2013 has in store.”

“Band of the Month feature on idobi Radio We're the featured band of the month on idobi Radio / Eddie Jason & Chris Show! Tune in hear to our latest singles, "Fake This" & "Sellin' My Soul", as well as an interview THIS Friday 7PM PST!”

“One of the UK's premier music websites, One on One Music, has featured TUV on their homepage & had some great things to say!”

"Before the World Ends" one of the top releases for 2012.

“Cincinnati Enquirer had some great things to say about TUV & we truly appreciate the support from such a great publication. They even selected our song "In Our Hands" as their song of the week.”

“Bunbury Festival & TUV we're mentioned on USA TODAY... Bunbury Music Festival is also ranked one of the top 10 music festivals in the country among the likes of Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, & Burning Man”

“The Upset Victory might as well be considered veterans of the music industry at this point. Forming a millennium ago (okay, it was back in 2005, but hey, Fall Out Boy was still a band then…seems forever ago), the Cincinnati quintet have seven releases and countless shows under their collective belts. Yet, that does not mean they are planning on toning down their fast-paced pop-rock attack any time soon. No, The Upset Victory are too busy planning their world takeover and everything they have experienced so far only aids them in their quest.”

“The Upset Victory's genres are as layered as their sounds. At first listen, crunching metal, thundering punk and sweetened pop emerge. Combining these elements makes for ferocious ups and downs. The Cincinnati five-piece band explodes in an outcry that hails to operatic rock.”

“There is a refreshing quality to their music. The tunes invoke memories of heavy punk/rock bands from the early 2000s, but, the band does not lose sight of melody and lyric, putting great care into impressive harmonies and a dual-guitar attack. The Upset Victory employs effects skillfully. Besides from the clear talent of the musicians, the music itself is tightly arranged and recorded. Every vocal shriek, mini-riff, and drum fill, is organized. The vocals are most impressive. They thrive in the music, taking on the guitar riffs like a prize-fighter...”

“In just a few short years, Cincinnati’s own The Upset Victory, has done a lot. They’ve played the Vans Warped Tour, released two EP’s, and signed with Take Over Digital – a label that has had the likes of Yellowcard in its stable. We sat down with Stephen Campbell, one of the bands three guitar players to discuss his gear, the Cincinnati music scene, and what The Upset Victory has been up to.”

“The First song “Actions” showcases the band's talents. The guitar riffs remind you a bit of early Saosin and the aggression is all there. Vocalist Jason Dill puts up a very admirable performance through the entire track to balance the guitarwork. Dill is not afraid to use the falsetto as he uses it throughout the chorus of the song and at tasteful points in the song. On “Actions” the band does a very good job of crafting a very good single top to bottom, all the pieces fit together never letting the song stagnate even as it comes to a dramatic slow down in the latter half of the song before picking it back up for the ending.”

“The Upset Victory are the kind of band that hit on multiple genres and emotions with each song they offer up. Their new EP, Before The World Ends, is an incredible mix of in-your-face alt rock, driving punk melodies, emotive vocals, and powerful instrumentation. They'll knock you out with first single "The Worst In Me", will have you singing along with "Skeletons", and will send you on a roller coaster of emotions with EP closer "On The Scent of Your Intent". The whole effort is loaded with raw emotion, yet thoughtfully executed, and there's no way you'll be able to spin it just once. Enjoy its exclusive premiere right here, and be sure to grab it for your collection when it drops May 22 via Authentik Artists”

“The Upset Victory creates a great storyline throughout their EP “Before The World Ends.” I was thoroughly impressed by their varying tone and use of vibrato. I am still thinking about the tracks individually after an extended time as passed since my first listen. This five-some has a lot of talent, a lot of creative edge, and a lot to say. You would be silly not to take a minute of your day to check out this band. I foresee a long of greatness in their future”

“You might remember The Upset Victory from their track "The Will" on our Bamboozle New Music Download Card from last year, well we recently got some exciting news from the guys:”

“The Upset Victory's Latest "Actions" (VIDEO)”

“The Upset Victory are a highly pleasant surprise, taking a Progressive Metal sound and making it lyric and melodic. Frank Hammonds serves the vocal material well, and guitarists Hammond and Stephen Campbell remember that it was like when Rock Guitar reigned supreme. Between The Walls And The Worlds That Sleep is certain to intrigue fans old and new.”

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“Keeping busy hasn’t really been much of an issue for The Upset Victory, a Cincinnati-based rock band.”

“The Upset Victory didn’t alter their sound to any great degree between the first EP and Between the Walls — both feature a relentless guitar attack, a fluid rhythm section and Hammonds’ emotive vocal style — they do cite a couple of fundamental shifts between the two releases.”

“The Upset Victory featured in CiN Weekly”

“Interview w/ Stephen and Spencer from The Upset Victory w/ the staff of Straight Up Random”

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