Parish County / Press

“The duo known as Parish County burst onto the Music City scene just over a year ago, and their journey has been filled with the typical peaks and valleys every artist or group has experienced. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. The group name itself is a blending of two different backgrounds to make one harmonious sound. Their music blends new and old country with a little rock and even a dash of R&B occasionally to help the listener go on an emotional journey. They know how to get your blood pumping but also reach into the far corners of a heart bruised by love.”

“Move over Kix and Ronnie. Ryan Sims and Kelsie Morgan are poised to be one of the next big duos in country music. They have been receiving some very positive buzz around Nashville as the duo, Parish County.”

“Kelsie and Ryan decided to move to Nashville to pursue their love of country music and songwriting. How did they become Parish County? Kelsie is from Rapids Parish and Ryan grew up in Jones County. They decided to go back to their roots for their duo name-and Parish County was born!”

“Parish County performed on several occasions for me at the Sun Beach Club. I found them to be very professional. They have a great show and perform at the highest level. Besides their tremendous talent their promotion of all their events far exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend them to any and all venues.”

Terry Ward - Sun Beach Club (Gallatin, TN)

“I had the opportunity to book a wonderful, young, country music duo Parish County. These two musicians have combined their talents to blend their voices, instrument playing and creative ideas into a unique collection of original songs that will divert the attention of any audience into a very attentive crowd who will be begging them for more!”

Megan Pflueger - Red Rooster Bar & Music Hall (Nashville, TN)

“Parish County is the true definition of country music. They are the most genuine, hard working, talented duos out there! They are not just singers and songwriters, they are entertainers that put 110% into every show.Their charisma and passion on stage captivates every crowd and always leaves the whole place wanting more.”

Stacy Donahue - The Tin Roof (Nashville, TN)

“I am a co-owner at Brewzerz in Alexandria, Louisiana. Parish County played two nights at our club a few months ago and they were simply amazing. We received several great compliments on this young band and wish they were closer to us so that we could book them more often.”

Lona Marshall - Brewzerz (Alexandria, LA)

“Red Rooster, the newest addition to Music Row will be delivering a very strong roster of talented singers and songwriters for your entertainment. Hosted by Joe Wiese and sponsored by Harlow Salon. Guests include: Josh Roberts, Shawn Mayer, Parish County, Kyle Jennings, Brian Gamboa and more...”

“Hot Pink, a benefit for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation...guests enjoyed performances from Ward Guenther, Kassie Jordan, Kristen Kukta, Ashley Ray, Bill Warrington, Josh Carroll, Jesse Lee, Parish County, Joe Wiese and Stacy Donahue.”

"Richard Marx will be headlining joined by other artists including Danielle Peck & Coley McCabe, Shanna Crooks, Joe Wiese and Kelsie & Ryan (Parish County)." -Vincent Troia, The City Paper