Split / Press

““The higher profiles of their performances have brought home their brilliant avant-garde rock to an ever increasing number of connoisseurs.””

“Band of the month”

“Plenty of rum, angst ridden lyrics...”

“You can't really explain your own music”

"We'd like to move beyond post grunge" - Aviv

"Album releases mark milestones" - Garreth

“Just the way we like our Grunge”

“On the cover of The Big M”

“It's like starting an old car...”

“Getting to know Split”

“Jamming Oktober!”

“There's some spitfire activism here”

“Pig Society is inspired by the Mumbai train bombings of 2006.”

“Music, motorcycles and mayhem!”

“It's rocking!”

“Split ne baat ki raak muzik ki Indian angle par :)”

“There is a place for every genre...”

"We are quite an angry lot"

“Split and the Harley Rock Riders tour”

“Split and Harley”