“Los Angeles based Indie-Rock band Julie makes music so fresh and authentic you'll do a double take, An Act Of Communication, commits to the permanent record a sound that has wowed crowds in LA and promises to take Julie far beyond the confines of The City Of Angels.”


“Julie the Band love to take you to the precipice with finesse and you'd better enjoy that ride! An Act of Communication is a masterful tease and as its orchestrator Blumenfeld-James is destined to bathe in the spotlight he clearly loves for quite some time”


"Julie The Band transcends genres. Their avant-garde instrument composition gives Julie a contemporary resonance mixed with the aggressive attitude of classic punk.

Arkansas rocks

“Through Your Mind's Eye. It's a simple, laid-back track, but it's also has rather deep and poignant lyrics, it's amazing in it's simplicity - I think Coldplay or The Script would kill for something like this!”

Fabtastic music

“. "Julie the Band is extraordinary and quite simply beyond any simple description. Addictive, to say the least! It's not often music can captivate and chart new courses of listening pleasure!"”

Douglas Newsom CEO of BBS Network Inc - BBS Radio

“Julie the band have a crazy range as a band, with a powerful, polished enough sound for the suits, if you catch my drift. And the cool thing is they have been remixed with Obie Trice as well. Julie is a really good band, that will give you a jolt when you need it.”