50 Man Machine / Press

“50 man machine's song 'racewar' just selected for the indie castle reggae series mixtape!”

Indie Castle

“50 Man Machine's most recent CD charted in the CMJ top 30 for three months peaking at number 9. The group thrives on the unexpected nature of live performance, social consciousness, improv and pure joy. 50 Man's diverse background in jazz, pop, celtic, hip-hop, caribbean, gospel, ambient, funk, afropop, rock, and folk all come together into one very exciting experience. 50 Man Machine is accompanied by the Thistle Scottish Highland Dancers on many festival stages.”


“50 Man Machine is an auditory outing for the extreme musicologist, an acoustic picnic with the Cat in the Hat, only the cat’s wearing a broad skull cap crudely fashioned with aluminum foil. ”

Kristine Hartvigsen - PowerPulp

“50 Man Machine offers one of the most diverse, if not perverse, instrumental attacks ever captured in a recording studio, as steel pans, turntables, bagpipes, double bass, experimental sound collages, mandolin, clarinets and even an udu or two.”

j. eric smith - metroland ny