ALIAS / Press

“Wow, they are awesome! Dang!”

Bambi B

“Listened to your videos and really enjoy your music!!”

Darlene R

“Wow, great job on I Ran! ..... this group also does a lot of fantastic songs that Tommy's group, Magnum, did through the 80s. Very enjoyable!”

Jan Zito

“'It was a great show!!!'”

Darla F

“'You guys were awesome, great crowd at the Steel Pub!'”

Donna Sonday at The Steel Pub

“'Rockin' last Night!'”

BriBri M at The Steel Pub

“'They sounded great!! lots of laughter and dancing!!'”

Stephanie L at The Steel Pub

“Had a great time, great music! Took me back a bit…the band was awesome… wide range of music…I was truly impressed! Will be seeing more of ALIAS! Don’t let me forget to get an ALIAS Tee shirt! I think the ladies outnumbered the guys 2 to 1 and I’m good with that!”

Wayne Mulzet at Hammerhead Lounge

“Saw u guys at stahleys last night. U guys were awesome!!!! Hope to hear u again soon!!!”

Jessica H at Stahley's

“Yawl kicked it! (at Musikfest)”

Rick Allen at Musikfest

“You guys ROCKED..as ALWAYS.. Amazing!!!!”

Lisa R at Musikfest 2015

“Join us 6/21 at the Emmaus Community Park (rain or shine) & see one of the Lehigh Valleys finest cover bands. ALIAS will take to the stage at 6:00PM, for a FREE, Fathers Day concert in the Performing Arts Pavilion!”

Rick Allen Carfagna - Emmaus Community Park

“Awesome Free Concert! Catch you again @ Musikfest!”

Lisa L at Emmaus Community Park

“Had an awesome time!!”

Deborah D at Coplay Saengerbund

“You guys are awesome! Had so much fun last night!”

Michelle D at Coplay Saengerbund

“You guys rocked the house! We would definitely love to have you back again!”

Blair H. At West Coplay Maennorchor

“What a great bunch of guys! Very talented! We have to book them again for sure!”

Andy T at West Coplay Maennorchor

“Great band, lots of fun, awesome mix!!”

John S at West Coplay Maennorchor

“U guys turned it up....and turned it out.. Thanks again for a fun night!”

Charlie M at West Coplay Maennorchor

“Had an awesome time. You guy's rock!”

Jen H at West Coplay Maennorchor

“Great job guys(Train in Vain video)! You all rock!!!”

W.J.M. on Facebook

“Awesome (Fat Bottom Girls-video)! And I am a lifelong Queen Freak!!!! Great performance guys!!!”

John M on Facebook

“It (ALIAS at The Steel Pub) sure drew a crowd!”

Mary S at The Steel Pub

"I've never seen a cover band with such song variety!"

Tom at Grumpy's BBQ Roadhouse

“Alias rocked the house (well, the grass field) at the Catasauqua Park this past Friday!! Thanks to a great night of music to kick off the Catasauqua Summer Concerts!”

Jeffrey Miller from Catasauqua Park

“We just stopped by The Wooden Match to pickup cigars and were heading to see a band at The Sands...but once we heard you guys playin', we ended up staying all night!!”

John at The Wooden Match

“Great show last night at Stahleys...love the shirts...thank you!!!”

Larry at Stahley's Halloween Party

“My friend introduced me to your music. I'm so glad she did, cause you guys are great!”

Cheryl Yost

“I work weekends but one of these days I'll come to a show...josh and rosie tell me you're awesome!”

Kimmy S on Facebook

“These guys are great!”

Jennifer Mae at The Wooden Match

“Great night for some awesome classic rock from Alias!”

Heather Miller at Emmaus Community Park Show

“Good show last night! the Queen songs.... WOW!”

Rick Kuebler at Emmaus Community Park Show


Keith Urland at Emmaus Community Park Show

"Really enjoyed the Concert - Thanks!"

Debra Mellish at Catasauqua Park concert

"Love the Black Keys and you guys rocked it!"

Rita Macchia Sayegh at Saengerbund show (May 23, 2014)

"You guys were awesome! We had a great time!"

Larry Peters at Saengerbund show (May 23, 2014)

"You guys really rocked, we had a blast!"

Ori Handerk at Saengerbund show (May-23-2014)

“Thanks (for the show) guys, you where awesome!!!”

Janice Stahley-fedor at Stahley's Show (May-3-2014)

“ALIAS is the BOMB!!!.....will def go see them again!!!! (Dubs on 5th show)”

Kim Mcdevitt-Kinney on Facebook

“You guys were GREAT! Jeff, good seeing you again (at The Wooden Match)!”

Greg Tocci on Facebook

“First time I ever heard the drummer sing! You guys are good!”

Patsy English on Facebook

“Real good set list, and chops too! Had a good time! (at Wooden Match Show)”

Rick Keubler of The Ultra Kings

“Awesome! You guys ROCK !!!”

David Seibert Sr. on Facebook

“The (Wicked) Beaver gang had a great time hanging out at Stahley's and watching Alias....so proud to be a part of the Valley music scene. It is awesome how much talent we have around here!”

Kristin, Lincoln & Chris at Stahley's Halloweein Party

"Damn, they were good!" (ALIAS at Stahleys Halloween Party)

Chris Lane - on Facebook

“So good - even our waitress was dancing! I was dancing at the pool table!”

Cathy Strohl at Stahley's Cellarette

“OMG! Last night I took a "Magic Carpet Ride" with Steppenwolf, "Ran So Far Away" with a Flock of Seagulls, lived on spongecake in "Margaritaville" with Jimmy Buffet, along with all of these great "Classic Rock Songs" were payed and sung by the group ALIAS at The Strange Brew Tavern along with great singers Jeffrey Crammer, and Chris Fullenwider, and of course, Dave Meichtry and Tom Gutekunst as they played these songs to a tee as if they were being played on the original 45's and 33's when they sounded back then as they did of 2013 today! It actually sounded like WZZO and WYSP were being played on the radio the same time they were singing these songs! Way to go ALIAS and I will definately see you guy's over and over again!”

Frank Erceg - on Facebook

“I had an absolute blast! Loved your song list! Heard some very cool tunes that I never hear out!”

Kristin Beller Bond - on Facebook

“Caught the band at the Promenade in a FREE outdoor show last summer- awesome !!”

Seth Bek - on Facebook

"They are AWESOME!!!!! Saw them @ The Wooden Match during MusikFest!!!!"

Lisa A Meade - on Facebook

"Alias crushed it at MatchPlatz at The Wooden Match for MusikFest! 6 encores and a very energized crowd! Great night with Alias!!!!"

Steve DiDonato, owner of the Wooden Match in Bethlehem, PA

“Awesome band! A definite must see!”

Beth Kunkel Mickelson - on Facebook

“After seeing you guys tonight, I would come see you anytime you are playin in the Valley!”

Mark at Tri Boro Sportsmen

“You guys were great! (at The Wooden Match Show)”

Paula Barettino - on Facebook

“My wife and I found you on the internet and thought we would check you out. Are we glad we did! You guys sound great and play all our favorite songs! We'll see you at your next show!”

Bob C - a new fan at The Blue Monkey Show

“Saw you out Saturday nite at Grumpys. You guys were amazing!”

Diane Hakler Dotterer - at Grumpy's show (July 27, 2012)

“Thanks for your Awesome Performance on Friday!....We'll keep you in mind for next year!!”

Melissa Dilazaro - Marketing Coordinator, Promenade Shops Saucon Valley

“That was the 1st time I saw you guys, it was a great show....I'll definitely see you guys again.”

Terry Wunderler - commenting on Promenade Shops Concert

“Great concert! You are a great Band!”

Lee-Anne Null - at Promenade Shops Concert

“Fantastic Show!”

Tracy Urbina - at Marz Bar Show

“Awesome show tonight, guys! Thanks for a great time!”

Jennifer Lettie Chomo - at Blue Monkey Show

“Hey I dont like your (Facebook) page~I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Got the link from Myka Guitars~~~KEEP ROCKIN~you guys are doin it right :)... You guys are awesome!!!!”

Lisa Bloedorn - on Facebook

“My husband and I just left Mars Bar after the Cinco de Mayo fiesta. We had such a great time! You played all the right covers and hit every song! Can't wait to see you there again! ”

Tracy at MARZ BAR Cinco De Mayo show