Empire / Press

"Wow! I am very impressed...and Howie, he says sounds great!"


"Music from the heart 'Cuz. I'm proud of you!"

Tony M.

"You're sounding great Empire! Keep working hard, you'll make it =)"

Nicole D.

“DANG Empire! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!"”

Gil V.

"Dammmmn boy, that song is sick man! Love it....good job....keep it up!!!!"

Alejandro C.

"Very good work Empire! Remember that flavor I was talking about whom wasn't the one people most relate it with? Very cool!"

Albert S.

"Good $h!t man! Everything sounds good, the beat, the production, the verses...!"

Jason G.

"Tight nigga, I like that shit."

Paul D.

"Sh*t f*ckin knocks blood! Good sh*t!"

Marlon V. Jr

"This is off the chain. Didn't know you got down like that! When is EP release party?"

Taj H.

"Dope shit brotha....Im diggin it!"

Tech N9ne's Strange Music artist Cognito

"Dope tracks homie!"


"You got some hot songs! Keep up the good work!"

Franco Cartel

"Just watched the video of your gig on Saturday night - NICE! You really rocked the house!! Wish I coulda been there to witness history in the making, dude!!! Way to kick a**, Empire!"

France E.

"Well Empire, you got my vote; you are really rockin!"

Susan B.

"Track is hot fam! Good shit keep it up! Thanks for sending the track so I can check it out!"

Vybe Beatz

"Electric! Simply ELECTRIC! You are on your way! So awesome!"

Andrew K.

"Great stuff man! You go!"

Alexandra M.

"I listened to your song and saw u on u tube it was awesome! Great job and good luck. Keep the songs comin!"

Brigit U.

"In the immortal words of the Bigga Figga; 'Game.. recognize Game'! heaters man, straight heaters. Peeping u from CCC to now, dawg I'm proud of you. Not to come off as some OG or your pops, but yo, Im proud. We will hook up and I will stay tuned to the Empire!"

Floyd B.