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"fade away" is so bad ass, girl… it reminds me of Portishead meets Tricky by way of Peggy Lee… deep groove… atmospheric… mood setting… love the many colors you use… your huge fan, da boi d

"da boi" derinho - reverbnation

“Your music is an intoxicating fusion of funky groovy sexy erotic candy to my ears! I love your dynamic story telling wow you execute undeniable emotion. I'm impressed at how unique your sound is and flawlessly beautiful your vocals are! All you need is the right connection darling and you will explode on the scene don't give up your dream! The world needs more pure original talent like you! Xoxo”

FunkyGroovyLemonade - Reverbnation

“I am just loving the kool grooves and melodies interweaves in a stream of head on emotion. A highly charged and magnificent collection of musical wonderment”

Ainigmas MUSIC Collective - reverbnation

“Beatmistresscait takes you to what Music is”

devotions recordings - facebook/reverbnation

“Totally digging Headroom.It makes me want to trade in my bus pass for a PI badge and chase some criminals over some rooftops. ”

endo meso - reverbnation

“wow 198 songs, i think i'm going to be busy listening on your page for weeks to come lol. but what i'm listening to is awesome!! ”

todd stone - reverbnation

“ BeatMistress Cait is absolutely magnificent. She is an artistic genius of incalculable magnitude. Thank you for a wonderful listening experience ”

rick frost - reverbnation

“I've got a quote for you: "Doesn't matter how you find her, you will feel the music. If you don't... check for a pulse, seriously. There is such musicianship and complexity in Beatmistress Cait, you can dance, drift, laugh and live with her music. The perfect soundtrack for life!" ”

phoenix - reverbnation

“Truly kicking ass and taking names. ”

johnny nowhere - reverbnation

“You are a shining STAR!”

velvet holster - reverbnation

“Exquisite job on "Grecian Formula"! I really love the beautiful guitar/sitar playing as well as the sound bytes. I also love the composition which is both meditative and bustling with life”

Alex Final - reverbnation

“Full of humor and innuendo..'touch me' is about as good as it gets. I love it! Thank you cait*...”

CAC War Kitty - reverbnation

“Cait!!!"Durty get back boogie".has some of the funkiest sounds I've heard in a long time....SWEET TUNE! Wicked mix!!!!peace”

Full Dimensional Stereo - reverbnation

“ frequency pilot....fucked me sideways...wow! creepy with a groove from the abyss”

DRAGATIS inside the mind - reverbnation

“ awesome stuff”

mr wilson - reverbnation

“ You are Limerick's Treasure with this cool groovy sound. Relaxing, inspiring. Great accents and effects.”

Miss P - reverbnation

“ awesome music! ”

angerville - reverbnation


t austin reed - reverbnation

“Simply Wonderful-BeatMistressCait masters electronica/dance, flirts with jazz, and absolutely seduces the beat-almost visual music, truly photogenic..”

russell carl kline - reverbnation

“full stop. "REWIND" is killer! I want to dance, sing to this! Bonza, ripper, grouse!”

justine wilde - reverbnation

"beatmistresscait is a dynamic full talented artist! A must have!"- ABC Radio review Airloomer1.

ABC Radio review Airloomer1.

“ BMC, your talent is overwhelming..Incredible songs, percussion is fantastic..You have so many different ideas and styles..Glad our paths crossed..You're a 5* with top notch production. You're definitely Special!! Peace.”

mark hoevet - reverbnation

“ Varied, good stuff; particularly like the jazz funk tracks.”

steven does - reverbnation

“ Absolutely love what I'm hearing fresh and vibrant! Look forward to hearing more you have my support. ”

chabha - reverbnation

“ Love your music here, very experimental, keep it lit!! ”

kellahertz - reverbnation

“ fantastic musik.love it.nkk ”

nett king kohl - reverbnation

“ Very Cool! Great Music Love It! ”

kolman - reverbnation

“ so irresistably deep and sonic'ly slick..... ”

maxmus - reverbnation

“ Great beats, great tunes, beatmistresscait takes me places I love to go to. x ”

Frank Joshua - reverbnation

“can you get any cooler than that opening - in the first track!”

The DJ of Destruction - podcast chalkboard

“Michael F. White - Umoung good friends. Your music is killer love it! -”


“David Gardiner September 21 at 11:37pm ur stuff is class had a good listen lol - limerick city ireland”

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“DJ Butta L wrote:too funky baby!!! i'm lovin it as usual!!!! -brooklyn nyc”

private email

“The "DJ of Destruction" wrote:I love this stuff! very futuristic - milwaukee wisconsin”

private email

“DJ Butta L wrote: i wanna say this to you "God Made You Funky". i'm in love with your music Cait! - brooklyn nyc ”

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“InfERnO wrote: Hello Cait your mixing is really fantastic. Somehow you juggle relaxed yet upbeat rhythms with really interesting unusual sampling. Honestly your work truly is unique. It is very definitely your signature i am sure it will take off if thats what you wish. ”

private email

“Hey Cait, Really like your sound. Fun! Hope to hear more from you! ”

Larry Knipfing LOOP DIVISION - reverbnation mail

“Musicology wrote:Interesting. Could be used in a scene for a movie. I can only listen to what is played on your profile right now as I am at work. But you definitely have some talent.”

musicology - wauwatosa,wisconsin - private email;

“InfERnO wrote:cait brilliant some truly unique tunes i love them. more please !!!”

inferno - arizona - private email

“DJ Butta L wrote:thank you so for the love beatmistress!! i'm feelin the saxploitation track!!! i'm gonna put it on my next house mix i do!!!!”

dj butta l - brooklyn nyc - private email