Danny Conner / Press

“Danny has great emotional expression in his voice, love it!”

Dolly G - New York, Ny

“Nice Vibe & Voice! Unique sound with so much passion! absolutely love t!”

Fantase Bee - Stockholm, SE

“IN ONE WORD "AWESOME"..This is the real deal!! Beautiful lyrics and vocals!!Danny Is Going all the way to the top!”

Marie Satch - Melbourne, VIC, AU

“excellent songs...Truly enjoy what i am listening too! very refreshing!”

LiaVen - London UK

“Danny had the freedom of expressing his lyrical talent through his captivating vocal arrangements.He is an artist who is passionate about his craft, Danny's debut album is a reflection of personal struggles, triumphs and experiences of life, love and growth. ”

“Wow, Wow, Wow!!! what i can i say?? Danny has such a sexy amazing voice! i listen to every song and i LOVE them all !!”

Dani Holmes - Canada

“LOVE IT ... GOT THAT CHILL R&B VIBE what the game is missing!”

K.Black / Producer: - Brooklyn,New York

“Danny's Smooth Sensuous Vocals Can Make All The Girls Go Wild!”

Alanna Jordan - Imperial Valley, California

“Hidden Talent Discovered In A Small Valley!”

Reggie Williams - Hear-it-first.net

“Singer Danny Wows The Crowd With His Angelic Voice!”

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