Acaro / Press

“You just want exactly what The Disease delivers: a maelstrom of seven-string razors and warp-speed rhythms with enough melody to thwart any temptation to say: “Fuck it! I’ll just save my money and fire up the lawnmower.””

“The eight songs on the band’s self-produced debut are unflinchingly raw, as Harrell screams his lungs bloody. But such cuts as “This Treachery” and “R.O.J.” have the same sense of melody, triumphant thrash-riffing and hardcore pain that are the hallmarks of the band’s chart-topping Mass.-core brethren.”

“Acaro find empowerment through aggressive metal, the Boston quintet are looking to take the next step with debut record The Disease of Fear, a collection of eight punishing tracks that suggests a leap to national acclaim is well within reach.”

“Acaro music is a positive vibe at its core. Yes, the music sounds angry, but if you listen deeper you understand that the anger is channeled into something empowering. This is what you get when you see Acaro live. Every ounce of energy and passion these guys have in them is poured into the music.”